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Week commencing 17th January 2022 - Lindfield.

Ciao !

This week, on our adventure around the world we visited Italy.

When we arrived on Monday we noticed that all of The Arctic artwork had been taken down ready for our new artwork to be displayed and we didn’t waste any time in getting started.

We had fun making flags, using paints and sponges.

It was tricky to work out where each colour went on the flag but we used a book all about Italy to help us remember.

“We don’t need white in the middle because the paper is white already”

We got to choose a lollipop stick as our flag pole and were excited to wave them around.

We had red and green play dough to explore this week, we used our hands as tools to mould and shape the dough.

Our fingers got plenty of exercise which is great to help us to write in the future. It makes our finger muscles strong.

The red and green dough soon turned to brown as it was mixed up but we decided to add some pasta onto the table and ended up making some amazing sculptures.

We had some dry pasta on the little table to scoop, weigh and measure.

There was a selection of pots, bowls and tubs to empty and fill.

We had fun measuring and counting the pasta.

We made some shape pizzas, identifying lots of different shapes as we stick them onto our paper plates.

We learnt about the Mona Lisa painting -

Did you know that it was painted in Italy but that it now lives in France?

We had a very special visitor this week, Margaux’ mummy came to read us a lovely story in Italian.

Mrs Franks read some in English and then we heard some in Italian. The children were so excited!

We had three Italian speaking children in on that day, so it was very special indeed.

Thank you for visiting Marta and for sharing a story with us. Grazie!

Leo and Margaux also brought in some yummy Italian treats for us this week.

We enjoyed a Pandora, Italian cookies and Breadsticks. Thank You.

We ate lots of yummy Italian food this week, we had Carbonara, Spaghetti, Arancini, Meatballs and Homemade Pizza.

As usual we had lots of fun in the garden his week, the weather was kind to us and stayed dry although it was very cold.

Please remember to pack lots of warm clothes for your children as we try to go out twice every day.

We managed to find Italy on our globe – Ask us about what shape Italy is on a map and hopefully we will be able to tell you that it looks like a boot kicking a football.

Abigail brought in a special tea towel which had the map of Italy printed on it. We enjoyed looking at it together. Thank You.

Ryan brought in a special post card and some volcanic rock from Vesuvius! WOW!

The children have embraced our journey around the world and we look forward to more adventures next week when we arrive in Australia.

If you have visited Australia and would like to come in to chat to the children then please let us know.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page for daily updates and stories.

Can I also ask that if you haven’t already done so, you return your start of term paperwork?

The forms are important and will help your child’s keyworker to devise a plan to support their learning. If you need any guidance please ask Mrs Franks who will be happy to help.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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