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Week commencing 15th May 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog post.

This week has been filled with fun, laughter and sunshine!

Our project this half term is ‘Our Community’ and we have been learning about the people who can help us, exploring their roles and responsibilities.

This week our focus area was Understanding the World.

We observed the children taking on roles, imitating others, being curious about the lives of others, showing an understanding of occupations and job roles, being curious about the world around them and showing care and concern for living things amongst other things.

We had a very special visitor this week – Police Officer Pete.

Police officer Pete came along with his special vehicle and talked to the children about his job.

He told the children its his role to help keep people safe.

The children had lots to say. Here are a few quotes …

“Do you catch the bad guys?”

“My mummy said someone was driving too fast and the police had to stop them.”

“Do you have a police dog?”

“When I go’d to my holiday there was a police man at the airport.”

“Excuse me, Can I tell you something? There is a big hole in my road.”

“When is it your birthday?”

“I’ve got an ouchy on my knee”

“Do you have flannels and washy things in there?” (when talking about what is in his first aid kit)

Police Officer Pete showed the children the equipment he carries in his vehicle and explained what they were for.

He had special rope, torches, traffic cones, police tape & first aid supplies.

He told the children about his protection vest, radio and camera.

The children were allowed to get into the vehicle and they had a wonderful time clambering over the seats, pretending to drive and looking at the controls.

We really enjoyed our visit with Police Officer Pete.

Thank you so much for visiting us at The Acorns and we hope you will come back another day.

After our visit much of the children’s play centered around Police Officers, Ambulance Workers and Fire Fighters.

We enjoyed role play, small world play and mark making.

Lots of sunshine this week and we spent a huge amount of time in the garden.

Our tadpole tray needed cleaning out at the beginning of the week as our water had gone very green.

We took some of the old water out and replaced it with water from our water butt.

The tadpoles are still very small and there is no sign of any leg growth yet.

We played with frogs in the water tray.

The children noticed the change in temperature of the water during the day and we worked out that the sun had warmed the water.

Lots of talk about when our tadpoles turn into froglets – we hope that by after the half term holiday we might be see some legs growing.

We did some more planting this week, our courgette plants were strong enough to be planted out into the soil.

What are you growing at home?

Next half term our project will be about farming, we will be learning about crops, farm machinery and the role of the farmer.

We are hoping to arrange a visit with a local farmer.

We have a healthy crop of rhubarb at the moment– the leaves are gigantic.

“It is bigger than my head”

We noticed some nibble marks on the leaves – We wonder who might be eating them.

Caterpillars, Snails, Slugs or Dinosaurs?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our time at The Acorns 59.

You can follow us on social media – we have both Instagram and Facebook pages.

Please can I ask that you spare a few moments to write us a review on the links that were sent through via WhatsApp. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and we really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

See you next week

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.


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