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Week commencing 11th September 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog.

The children have settled back in after the long summer break and our new children are doing really well, forming bonds with staff and making relationships with other children.

We are so happy to be back at The Acorns after the summer break and we have so many exciting things planned for the term.

This half term we are learning about ourselves and the world around us.

We will be learning about our bodies and our feelings, talking about our families, pets and our homes.

We drew self-portraits this week.

We looked in the mirror and described ourselves, noticing similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.

The children did some amazing drawings which are now displayed in the nursery.

We are excited to see how their drawings and pencil control develop over the year.

We have been learning The Body Song and singing it daily.

“I love my body from my head to my toes,

I love my face, my eyes, my mouth, my nose.

I love the way I look when I look into the mirror

I stand a little closer just to see me clearer

Who is that – it’s me

And I look as good as can be”

We have really enjoyed playing our harmonicas. On day one we had a music session after quiet time and this has become part of our daily routine.

Thank you for bringing them in.

“Is it harmonica time?”

“Can I get my harmonica out my bag now?”

“I can make a fire engine sound.”

We have been practicing making loud and soft noises.

We have a huge box of instruments including drums, shakers, recorders, bells, rainmakers.

Do we have any parents who can play an instrument? If so we would love you to come in to show us.

The weather has been kind to us and we have managed to spend lots of time outside in the garden this week.

Water play has been a firm favourite and we have enjoyed experimenting filling an emptying different sized pots and containers.

We also had sea animals in our water tray.

We went digging for treasure in the mud kitchen and managed to find something rather special.

I wonder if pirates hid their treasure in our garden ?

“Oh wow .. shiny treasure.”

“We need to keep on digging.”

“Do you have a spade?”

We enjoyed cooking in the mud kitchen – making pies, cakes and milkshakes.


Here are a few extra pics for you to enjoy -

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our week at Acorns 59.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week for more fun and games.


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