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Week 9 @ Acorns 25

Continuing with our farm project, the children started to decorate the big cow, Mrs Voller had made.

They used bits of black paper cut into different shapes.

Lots of children made their own cow picture some choose to use paint and others used pens and pencils. We now have a wonderful array of colourful cows.

We have been back to check on the ducklings and goslings, and they are getting so much bigger and slightly less fluffy. They were very hungry and seemed to appreciate the food. On the way back the children sang “3 Little Ducks”

The children had fun practicing their jumping in the garden! Ready, Steady, GO …

A trip with Mrs Irwin to the doctors garden and the children found that their potatoes are now really growing.

The children were looking at all the different types of seed heads.

A trip to the park for a much needed run around was definitely instore for Thursday this week. The children were excited to notice the swings being mended.

The slide was far too hot to use but we managed to make use of the other equipment and even found a great place to hide.

We have really enjoyed our story, “What the ladybird heard”. The children have managed to join in with some refrains and all the animal noises. Alongside this we have made some ladybirds suncatchers and added spots to some ladybird prints. The children counted the spots as they stuck them on.

The table has been set up for small world play with the animals from the story, inviting children to use their imagination, spark creativity, story telling and allow for role play.

What a great week!


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