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Week 5 @ Acorns 25

What a fabulous week we have had.

We have continued with our topic of 'Our Community' and this week we have explored the people that help us.

We have talked about different occupations and the children were able to think of lots of people who help us.

“Fireman put out lots of fires”

“Police save us from baddies”





“Shop Keepers”

“Builders build houses”

The children have dressed up and pretended to be police people and firefighters. Saving each other and putting out the fires. They called 999 and shouted emergency.

On Tuesday we had a special visit from Police Officer Pete. He came to number 59, to talk to us all about the how the police keep us save, what we should do in an emergency and also showed us everything he keeps in his big police truck. The best bit was being allowed in the police truck and trying on Pete’s hat. When he left he put on the lights and sirens and all the children waved.

On Wednesday Mrs Irwin returned to the Doctors Garden with some of the children and as they walked they looked at the numbers on the front doors. “4,6,8,10”. They looked at colourful pink flowers and some little blue flowers we thought were bluebells, but Mrs Irwin told us they were Forget me nots.

At the garden we dug up lots of weeds and put them in a black sack to take back to nursery.

The children watched some builders putting up a new fence and tried to identify the tools they used.

“ A saw”

“A screwdriver”

“A hammer”

On Thursday a visit to the duck pond was in order as we had heard from some parents something special was there.

Look what we found …

On Friday the teachers were very happy to see a specialist construction team had moved into the Acorns garden and built an amazing house. It looks fit for a king!

The team had a clipboard to list all the objects they needed and worked together beautifully to build their creation.

The sun shine has shone this week so we have enjoyed lots of time outside, reading in our cosy corner, water play, creating art and playing bat and ball.

Please remember as the weather is warmer to provide your children with suncream and sunhats.

We have had a few mishaps with clothing and personal items this week so I would like to remind you to please CLEARLY LABEL EVERYTHING. This makes it much easier to make sure items go back to the right homes.

Also remember to try and NOT bring extra toys to The Acorns ( sleeping cuddles as an exception), we have lots already and would hate for precious items to get lost.


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