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The last week of summer term 2023.

This week has been amazing and we are very proud of all our Acorns children. We have been reminiscing over how little they were when they started at Acorns and how much they have changed and grown in confidence over their time here.

It has been a fun week full of play and laughter, busy with visitors and children settling to beginning their Acorns journey.

We had a lovely time at the family picnic, the weather was perfect and it was great to see everyone having such a lovely time.

The children decorated their own picnic boxes and made their own sandwiches - choosing between ham, chicken, jam or cheese. Thank you parents for bringing extra treats for the children.

We played at the park, danced and chased bubbles with our friends - what a great Wednesday afternoon.

Inspired by the picnic the children dressed the babies and packed their own picnics and set off to find the perfect spot.

We have had fun playing dinosaurs ROARRRRRRRR.

And drawing …




And Handprints.

And as always we love the time we spend outside…

Balancing on planks

High fives

Identifying coloured spots

And jumping

Our school leavers are ready for their next chapter, we wish them good luck and hope very much that you will stay in touch. Parents remember your tissues and sunglasses on their first day in September and trust they are ready, you are ready!

The end of the year is full of emotions with excitement for the summer holidays, tiredness as we reach the end of term, nervous excitement for the start of big school, sadness and pride as we say our goodbyes but full of happiness and memories we have made with each and every child and family.

Have a wonderful summer!


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