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Excellent exploring this week ...

This week we have been able to go out and explore more of our community in Lindfield. The children have enjoyed being outside and exploring the park, Scrase Valley Nature Reserve and helping Mrs Irwin with the Community Doctors garden.

On our trips out the children have shown just how great they are at listening, turn taking and road safety. Walking beautifully holding the rope or hands with friend and teachers is a safe way for us to explore. Other things we teach the children are “stuck in the mud”, which means stand still because of cars and that a “whistle” means return to the teachers straight away.

The children also showed some lovely manners waiting for their turn at the park, standing to one side of the path the let others go past and saying very loud Thank you and Good Mornings to passersby.

The children were so excited to find snails and worms and we had lots of discussion about how we should treat these creatures. The children watched them carefully and we made sure we didn't squash them.

We have talked about different buildings that we live in and started to create our own village street. Using boxes, glue and paint the children have constructed their own houses. This was such a fun activity that children have added to throughout the week. The children chose their own colours and how many windows and doors that they wanted. It sparked conversation about who lives in their houses, what colour their front doors are and what number their houses are.

On a walk with our older Acorns we had an exciting trip to explore Scrase Valley, once there the children chose the route we took and we found lots of amazing things.

"Wild Garlic"


"Sticky Weed"

A huge pipe … “It’s an overground pipe not an underground pipe”

"Dog Foot prints and bike tracks"

"Dandelion clocks"

We shared a picnic of cheese sandwiches, carrot, cucumber, melon, grapes and a biscuit.

The children had found some sticks on the walk so we put them into order of shortest to tallest and decided which stick was the thinnest.

On the way back over the bridge a game of pooh sticks was a must. The children decided that those sticks not used for pooh sticks could go back to The Acorns to be painted. A great idea!

Next week we will enjoy celebrating the Kings Coronation.


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