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Easter @ 25

Throughout the week we enjoyed egg hunts around nursery. The children found lots of colourful eggs with numbers on, this activity helped to build number recognition and observation skills.

The children enjoyed a variety of Easter crafts alongside all the usual fun and play.

They have created lots of bright and decorative easter eggs and some really lovely chicks.

The chick activity was adult led and a chance for the children to show how well they could follow instructions to create their Easter chick. The teachers were so proud of how well the children concentrated and focused on this activity.

Some children went on to create other masterpieces using the same technique. This family of Easter chicks was amazing.

No Easter week would be complete without making chocolate nests. The children knew to wash their hands before cooking and were very good at not putting their hands in the mixture or the mixture in their mouths.

We took a few walks around the village this week to find Easter related things, Lindfield had some lovely window displays. We counted the chicks, bunnies and eggs that we found around the village.

The children noticed their reflections in the window of some shops and looked at themselves saying their names.

The week ended with spectacular puddle jumping. We beg the question, can you ever have too much fun in a puddle?

We hope you all have a brilliant Easter break, rest, relaxation, quality family time and maybe some chocolate.


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