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Destination 1 - The Polar Regions @ Westmeston

This week we have visited the first destination in our around the world topic, the polar regions.

We have studied maps and learnt the polar regions are made up of two places - The Arctic, where the North Pole is and The Antarctic, where the South Pole is.

The children discussed where different polar animals live and read lots of books about the polar regions. A favourite was 'Poles Apart' a great story about some penguins that took a wrong turn and ended up at The North Pole.

The children have had plenty of opportunities to explore ice and water.

"It's melting"

"It's a cube"

"It's cold and wet"

"It's slippery"

"Its got smaller because of the sun"

"The water is cold now because of ice"

When not exploring ice, the children have had fun matching numbers and numerals. It was great to see the children counting the dots individually and beginning to identify numbers.

We also made some great polar bear pictures. During this activity the children painted with forks,

“Its like hair”

We couldn’t finish the week without making some penguins. This activity helped to support children's fine motor skills, scissor control and knowledge of shape and colours.

Friday was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for a trip up the mountain. An adventure just like the penguins in our story. The children looked out for ice on the way and managed to find icy puddles, frosty grass and frozen leaves.

At the top of the mountain the sunshine warmed us all up. The children spent time rolling and sliding down the bank, it was lovely to see the children helping each other if they got stuck.

Thank you for the books and cuddly toys that have visited us this week. We are very grateful for the input and support from our families.

Next week a warmer destination....ITALY. Ciao!


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