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Week commencing 14th September 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome to the Lindfield Blog.

It is so lovely to be writing this blog after such a long break away from The Acorns.

Last week we all settled into our new routines and we were excited to welcome families, old and new to The Acorns in Lindfield.

Its been a busy week with lots of fun and exciting activities for the children to enjoy.

We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the last of the summer sunshine, it’s been glorious!

Our new and improved adventure playground (pirate ship) has been a real treat for the children. Thank you Mrs Irwin!

We have practised climbing skills and have loved the addition of the super-fast slide.

We had lots of fun using the large wooden blocks to make an obstacle course.

The see-saws were also very popular.

On the chalk board we have used giant chalks and paint brushes dipped in water to create some amazing pictures.

We enjoyed a planting activity with Mrs Franks, planting pretty violas for the garden.

We looked carefully at the roots and most of the children were able to tell us that flowers need soil, sunlight and water to help them grow.

We also came across something rather amazing … magic beans!!

Take a look at these ...

We all think a giant beanstalk might grow at The Acorns as we planted a few in the garden.

Whilst planting we also found this little creature, Ollie was happy to let it crawl over his hand before finding it a safe and comfortable new home in the flower bed.

The mud kitchen has been a hive of activity with cakes, soups and pies being on the menu.

There isn’t much mud at the moment but there is plenty of wood chip and soil to be mixed up in the huge pans.

This week we celebrated two birthdays - William turned four and Isabel turned five. Happy Birthday to you both!

We have been learning some new songs and we played instruments, experimenting with the sounds we could make. The drums are by far our favourites. Boom Boom Boom !!

Our letter of the week is ‘Aa’ and we made up a song all about things that begin with that letter, I wonder if your children will remember any of the words?

At the craft table this week we also thought about our letter of the week …

We printed with Apples and we made Hedgehogs which like to snuffle around and hide in the Autumn leaves.

We had fun playing and exploring with lots of toys and equipment, here are a few extra pics for you to enjoy.

We hope you have all had a wonderful week and we look forward to more fun and games next week.

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