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Week commencing 3rd February 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome to this week's blog post.

We have had so much fun this week at The Acorns.

Over the weekend Mrs Irwin had taken down our Chinese New Year display on the dresser in preparation for our new display which we will add to over the next week or so.

We have been busy making Valentines pictures.

We printed with heart shaped cutters using red and pink paint

We helped to make super hero soup for lunch.

We tried hard to identify all of the vegetables that were going into the soup and we talked about where they grew.

Some of the vegetables grew underground and some on top of the soil.

We helped to prepare the vegetables - we peeled carrots, chopped potatoes, pulled the leaves from brussel sprouts, diced up some swede and parsnip and put it all into a big pot with some stock.

We let it bubble away for about an hour on the cooker before putting it into the blender.

It was delicious!

Miss Reay told us it was super hero soup and the more we ate the stronger, faster and more powerful we would become.

The carrots will help our eyes to see in the dark.

The green vegetables will make us strong.

The potatoes will give us energy and we will be able to play for longer.

We made some beautiful collage pictures using lots of bits and bobs from our magic drawers.

No matter how much we use, the next day it is always full again. We wonder who fills it up each day?

We did some finger gym activities with pegs and magnets this week which will strengthen our fingers to enable us to write and have more control.

We are getting very good at writing our names.

Spring is just around the corner – we have been searching the garden again this week looking for signs that it is on its way.

We made some beautiful snowdrop pictures to go on one of our doors.

The children used white paint and made little finger prints for the flowers.

We enjoyed cosy quiet times, sharing books and chatting to our friends.

We love to make little nests out of cushions or lay on the sofa with friends after lunch.

This week some of the children have brought lovely books in for us to share during our quiet times.

We have worked hard on our manners this week and the teachers are pleased to say that there is a marked improvement from last week, but still some way to go … keep up the good work everyone.

We experimented with paint – using different tools to make marks on our paper.

We used pipettes, forks and brushes. The paintings are brilliant!

Vida told us a special story about this little stone … when her mummy was only 8 years old she went on a sailing trip and one day she was bored. Her mummy suggested she write a letter and put it into a bottle. She threw the bottle into the ocean and it travelled thousands of miles. One day, she received a letter from a lady who had been walking her dog along the beach and found the bottle with the letter safely still inside.

The lady sent Vida's mummy some little treasure and she has kept them all this time.

They have kept in touch and the lady even came to visit once.

How amazing!

We showed care and concern for a bumble bee that we found in the garden. It was laying in some frozen water that had collected in our easel.

We carefully got it out of the water and laid it in the sunshine so it could warm up and dry out.

We made it a little potion of sugar water to drink.

Once it started to move around a bit more we moved it onto our vegetable patch where it had a safe space to move around freely.

Look .... It started to crawl up some leaves.

It was still there at the end of the day. We hope it finds the energy to fly off soon.

Perhaps it needs some superhero soup?

We had fun with soft blocks and little people.

On Friday it was really frosty and cold in the morning.

We went on an ice hunt !!

Dalia made us a brilliant cake to enjoy at snack time with some help from the others.

Anyone for a slice?

She even counted out some chocolate candles to put on top.

Here are a few more snaps from the week ....

I'm sure your children will tell you what was happening.

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