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Week commencing 13th January 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome Back Everyone.

Apologies if this blog post is a little bit later than expected.

The first two weeks of term have flown by, it’s hard to believe we are in to week three already.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their new term paperwork. The staff use your paperwork to help them complete a new term’s profile for your child, the sooner we get them back - the sooner they can start planning for your child’s learning journey.

We always have some printed copies on hand in case you don’t have access to a printer. Please speak to Mrs Franks if you need any help with completing the forms.

We have enjoyed a mixed bag of weather since we got back. It’s been sunny, stormy, windy and frosty.

We have enjoyed watching the changes that the new season has brought.

“It gets freezing cold in the winter.”

“I think it might get snowy soon.”

“Whoa … that puddle is getting massive now.”

We have still managed to enjoy lots of time outdoors enjoying the garden.

Please remember to pack warm clothes, wellies and wet weather gear.

We have enjoyed role play, dressing up as people who help us. Doctors, Fire-fighters and Police Officers.

We have played with duplo, sticklebricks and blocks. Take a look at this amazing tower ...

We made some beautiful collage pictures with lolly sticks and shiny material.

We used stencils and pencils.

We practised our name writing too.

Our story of the fortnight has been The Little Red Hen and we have enjoyed reading the book each day.

We made little red hens …. We made prints with our hands and when they were dry we decorated them with eyes, feet and beaks.

They are up on the door for everyone to see.

In the story the little red hen asks her friends to help her as she plants and grows some wheat. She then asks for help to take the wheat to the mill, then the flour to the bakers and each time her friends refuse to help. When the bread is baked all of her friends want to help to eat the bread and the little red hen says that they can't share because they didn't help to do any of the jobs.

The story encouraged us to think about sharing and being kind to each other.

The children answered some questions ....

We baked some bread on Friday and got to take some home.

We tried two recipes, one for crusty white bread rolls and another for a herby focaccia.

We picked herbs from the garden. Sage, Basil, Rosemary, Parsley … a real mixture!!

It was super yummy!

We are learning to be more independent this term and as well as self-dressing for garden time, and managing our own shows and slippers - we have been helping to prepare snacks and meals alongside our teachers.

We help to set the table and to fold our aprons after lunch.

We spread our own toast at snack time and we even help with the washing up!

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