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Week commencing 6th January - Westmeston

It was so lovely to see all of our friends after the Christmas holidays and to hear about what everyone has been up to.

We started off the year by investigating our surroundings and searching for signs of spring. We made some very interesting discoveries - lichen, primroses, daffodil and crocus shoots and new buds on trees.

We noticed that our favourite hiding tree is no longer much good for hiding in! We'll have to wait for the spring leaves to grow.

We enjoyed lots of outdoor play during the week. We used equipment, played with wheeled toys, climbed trees and of course had fun in Westmeston mud.

We had a real treat on Thursday. Two police cars parked in our car park whilst we were having morning snack. The police officers told Mrs Irwin that they were doing a training drive, so she invited them in to meet us all! They were so friendly and it was such a honour to have real police officers visiting us. They even gave us a flash of their lights as they left.

One of our Friday Forest School friends brought some very interesting insect specimens for us all to see. It was wonderful to get a really close look at the various spiders and scorpions and see the details of their delicate bodies.

We were lucky enough to have some sunshine on Friday and we certainly made the most of it. Our walk up the mountain was very muddy and slippery at first. We had to concentrate on not slipping over so it was good for our strength and coordination. However, this didn't stop us from noticing some interesting plants and fungus growing in the hedgerows next to us.

Once we had made it through the mud, we had a wonderful time running around on the hillside and climbing up and down banks. A friendly robin stayed close by in the trees whilst we played - we think it wanted to play as well!

The sun shone on us as we ate our snacks - what a lovely way to start the New Year!

Happy New Year everybody. We're so excited to be starting Spring Term 2020!

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