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Week commencing 4th November - Westmeston

We celebrated Bonfire Night this week and created some 'Fireworks in a Jar'. We poured warm water into a jar and then added drops of food colouring to some oil. When we added the oil into the water, we watched the colourful blobs explode and make pretty patterns.

We also made some colourful firework pictures using straws and runny paint. We had to remember to blow through the straw and not suck!

This week we have been thinking about feelings and how to recognise other people's feeling. We sang some lovely songs and read books that helped us think about the different ways we might feel.

We practised showing different emotions using our faces. Look at our 'amazed' faces - this is how we feel when we watch fireworks...

....and our happy faces look like this....

It has been yet another muddy week at Westmeston. But luckily, we enjoy washing and scrubbing as much as playing in the mud. We cleaned toys, our bikes and even Mrs Tubb's welly boots!

Looking for minibeasts in the damp weather is always fun and on our bug hunt this week, we were thrilled to find a little brown frog sitting under a log. What a surprise! The frog was camouflaged well in the leaves and mud so it can't be seen in the photograph, but it is there!

In the week before the half term holiday we made lovely bug houses out of pumpkins, filled them with bird seed and left them in the wooded area.

It was interesting to see how they had changed over the week. They had become very squishy and filled with little insects. It also looked as if something had been nibbling them.


The ground at Westmeston is now covered with leaves following the recent stormy weather. We made leaf kebabs by searching for colourful leaves of all shapes and sizes and skewering them onto sticks. We also made a beautiful leaf rainbow using the range of colours we found.

To keep warm in the chilly weather, we played lots of running around games. Running in a line whilst holding hands was our favourite, plus jumping and hopping with Mrs Spencer.

The sun shone for us on Friday but we still managed to get muddy on our walk. We found a very large puddle to play in and enjoyed making a damn using sticks and leaves. It was just as much fun taking the damn apart as it was building it! Thank goodness we had some hot chocolate to warm ourselves up after our messy play.

When we weren't splashing about in puddles, we made some lovely poppy artwork for Remembrance Day and talked about what the poppy symbol means.

As the weather gets colder, please make sure that our bags are packed with lots of warm clothes. Slippers to wear in the hall are a good idea as they keep our feet cosy after playing outside in the mud.

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