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Week commencing 21st October 2019 – Lindfield.

This week we have been super busy with Halloween crafts.

The children enjoyed painting paper plates and turning them into pumpkins.

We used bright orange paint to paint the plate and then once it was dry used pre-cut shapes and black pens to stick and draw on the faces.

We also used Halloween stencils and sponges to make some fabulous pictures.

Have a look at these ……

We made little friendly ghosts to hang up. We used a conker, some string and pieces of white fabric. The children helped to tie the knots and to decorate the ghosts with sticky eyes.

We wonder where you will hang them at home?

We had a pottery session with Jane on Tuesday – we listened well to her instructions and made some wonderful things.

Jane has taken them away to be fired in a special oven called a kiln and will bring them back soon.

We have been playing lots of board games this week.

We are learning that board games have rules for us to follow and we know that we have to follow the instructions to make sure we are playing properly and fairly.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t – It’s a tricky lesson to learn as everyone is keen to be the winner.

Being competitive is wonderful - we encourage the children to have the desire to win and to excel in things but we also encourage them to celebrate the achievements of their peers.

“Well done Freddie, you were the winner. That’s a good one.”

“I didn’t winned that game but I might winned the next one.”

“Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh – I don’t want to play this anymore. I am not your best friend anymore.”

Like I said … a tricky lesson to learn!

Thank you to those of you that brought in a carved pumpkin to decorate our outside area.

We had some fabulous creations.

Look out for a separate post to announce the winner of our competition.

We have had lots of children this week with coughs and colds. We are learning to blow our noses by ourselves – can you encourage us to try to do this at home.

We also know to ‘catch our coughs’ and to cover our mouths with our hands when we sneeze.

We know how important it is to wash our hands properly and at The Acorns we sing a special song to help us. Ask us and we might sing it for you at home.

We collected fallen leaves in the garden and used them to make prints and rubbings and we also made some pretty autumn collage pictures.

We danced and sang along to music played on the CD player.

We had to listen very carefully to the words of the songs to know what to do, like in the Hokey Cokey.

We spent lots of time in the garden this week. We found a new bike that Mrs Irwin bought for us. We used a giant sand timer to help us share. Everyone wanted to have a go!

We practised writing our numbers. We have been learning how to form them correctly and used a tracing sheet to help us.

Half term is here – We hope you all have a wonderful week off and come back refreshed and ready for a busy and fun packed 6 weeks leading up to Christmas.

We will be welcoming some new children into the nursery after the holiday.

Please remember to check your calendar for important dates.

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