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Week commencing 14th October - Westmeston

We took a trip to the high seas this week and played at being pirates. We enjoyed dressing up and taking a trip on the pirate ship. Some us had to walk the plank - this was great for our balancing skills and luckily the water wasn't very deep if we fell in!

We had the chance to make telescopes and decorated them in our own choice of styles. We also made treasure maps and used water stained with tea bags to make them look old and crinkled.

Of course there was treasure to find and it was fun to role play being pirates on the search for gold.

"Look! X marks the spot!"

"Let's go east."

"We can't go that way because of the sharks."

"I found the treasure."

We used an old egg box to make our own treasure chest. It was fun to paint it and add details. We had a good treasure hunt game in the garden using our homemade chest.

Numbers have also been a focus for us this week and, in keeping with the pirate theme, we went on a fun number treasure hunt in the garden. We searched all around for the numbers 1 to 9 which we found on trees, bushes and under logs.

We are beginning to recognise and write some of the numbers that are special to us.

Friday was another fun filled adventure day. We thought we had escaped the rain on our walk up the mountain - it was actually quite sunny!

Walking up the bridleway was very muddy and slippery. It was good for our balance and coordination as we had to step carefully through the mud.

Once we were up there, we had a wonderful time running down the hill, showing each other interesting finds and enjoying our snack looking at the beautiful view.

We explored a new spot and found a really fun hill to slide down. We'll definitely be back to explore it again soon.

Unfortunately we saw the grey clouds heading our way and soon it started to pour with rain! Thank goodness we had our wet weathers on!

Back in the hall, we got crafty with some beautiful autumn leaves. We used stickers, string and sparkles to make some lovely creations.

We hope our last week before the half term holiday brings us some more settled weather!

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