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Week commencing 30th September 2019 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our latest blog post.

This week we have been learning a lot about Autumn.

At the beginning of the week the children were able to tell us about the leaves falling from the trees but now hopefully they will be able to tell you a bit more about the season.

We learned that the weather changes, it can be windy and it is beginning to feel much colder now.

"We don't need sun cream now."

"We need to wear gloves to keep our hands warm."

"We always need to wear a jumper, my mummy says I have to wear it all day in the cold."

We know that in autumn any apples that are left on the trees will start to fall off and if they are not picked up they will start to rot.

"Its all yucky."

"You cant eat that, you will get sick."

"Its gone all brown, my bananas go brown if I don't eat them."

At tea time one day we did something very funny with apples.

"It looks like a pumpkin apple."

We know that in autumn you can find lots of treasures when out walking. Or favourites are acorns and conkers !

We made some very beautiful paintings using our natural treasures this week.

Thank you to Esmé and her mummy Sam for bringing in these lovely paints for us to use.

We put our paper into a tray with some conkers and acorns.

We then chose our favourite colours and splashed some paint in before holding onto the tray. We moved our arms to make them roll around dragging the paint with them.

The paintings are AMAZING. We really enjoyed this activity.

Tommy and his mummy brought something special in for us this week too - We have enjoyed playing with it everyday and have made some wonderful tracks.

Thanks Tommy!

Tommy also gave us a brilliant idea for an activity after he saw a hot air balloon on his way to school to drop of his big brother.

"We could make one!"

"We need string or ropes."

We enjoyed looking at the photos Isabel brought in to share with her friends from her recent holiday.

The children were excited to hear all about it and went on to tell their own stories about past holidays and holiday they have planned for the future.

Vida brought in something rather exciting for show and tell ... Can you guess what it is?

We spent lots of time in the garden this week, the weather was a bit jumbled.

One day it was rainy and then it was sunny.

We even had a frosty morning.

We think its time to make sure everyone brings in welly boots and wet weathers or at very least a change of clothes so we can keep warm and dry.

We are learning to be independent and to get ourselves ready for outdoor play.

On Friday there was an unexpected knock at the door.

A special delivery for the children at The Acorns ...

We enjoyed taking part in the Arts Festival this year. Its wonderful for us to feel like an important part of our community and we were delighted to receive this card today.

Last year we made a scarecrow and a tree, this year our sensory garden.

We wonder what our project will be next year?

Please remember to return your Christmas card orders to us next week so they can be processed and sent away in plenty time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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