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Week commencing 1st July 2019 - Lindfield.

Is it Friday already?

This week has flown past - We have been super busy at The Acorns!

We have had lots of fun, inside and out.

The focus this week was mathematics and we looked carefully at numbers.

The children were given many opportunities to write numerals, count, sing number songs, do number puzzles and play number games.

On Monday we had a very special job to do in the morning.

We sat out in the sunshine and shelled some peas. It was really fun, we guessed how many peas might be each pod and then checked if we were right by counting them out into a jug.

We played with a game that Mrs Franks made using old tins and pegs.

We had to match the number of pegs to the numeral on the tin. It was quite tricky and not only was it a great number game, it was a workout for our fingers too - strengthening the muscles we use to hold our pencils properly. We call these activities ‘Finger Gym’

For other finger gym ideas to try at home please chat to Mrs Franks who will be happy to share her favourites.

We also used some sticky sheets to look at numbers.

Some of the children are learning to count up in tens.

We made play dough on Wednesday with Mrs Candy. She used a special recipe.

One cup of flour, half a cup of salt … The children played an active role in measuring and mixing the ingredients together. We are sure she would be happy to share her recipe if you would like to make some at home.

We had a great time playing and exploring the soft dough. We played with it while it was still warm!

We have spent lots of time in the garden this week. The weather has been amazing and we have enjoyed the warm sunshine.

We had water and sand each day.

We added water to our mud kitchen to try and make some real mud as it was so dry in there. We watered the flowers and plants using out watering cans and jugs.

We had fun on the swings.

We have been keeping an eye on the lady bird larvae – It has been so interesting to see the ladybirds transform.

Tilly made a new friend …

We also played a really cool game

A pop up cube that had lots of games to play on each side - noughts and crosses, basketball, throwing practise etc … We had a brilliant time.

We have been practising for our sports day too which is on Wednesday at Westmeston.

Ready … Steady … GO !!

Thank you to the parents who came along to support our Leavers Consultation Evening.

We appreciate you giving up your time and as always it was lovely to see you all.

Thank you for choosing The Acorns and we wish you well on your journey to ‘big school’

On Friday we spent time watering the flowers and plants in the garden.

Our water butt has nearly run out of water!

The children’s summer Term reports are ready and will be handed out next week.

The staff have worked really hard to write these reports and would really appreciate your feedback.

2 weeks left until the end of term –

We have sports Day on Wednesday at Westmeston.

Lindfield children need to be collected at 12 noon and head over to join the family picnic and fun races.

Please remember that on the last day of term Lindfield will be closed and everyone is invited to spend the day at Westmeston.

The leaver’s party will be between 2-4 pm and all leavers (not just Friday children) are welcome.

We hope to see you all there.

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