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Week commencing Monday 10th June 2019 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our OUTSTANDING blog post.

We have had an OUTSTANDING week enjoying all that The Acorns has to offer.

We had a pottery session with Jane and she brought back the models that we made on the last session. They are truly OUTSTANDING and we were so excited to take them home with us.

We used our hands to warm up the clay before moulding the shapes we needed. We listened very carefully to the instructions and we have created some fabulous things. We painted them carefully with tiny brushes, we had to concentrate and focus. Jane has taken them away to put them into her special oven that is called a kiln and she will bring them back soon.

We have also been busy this week making something special for our Dads.

We know that Sunday is a special day called Father’s Day and we celebrate our OUTSTANDING Dads.

We talked to the children about why their Dads are special …

“My Daddy takes me to the swimming pool.”

“My Daddy fills my water bottle.”

“My Daddy tells me jokes and makes me laugh too much!”

“My Daddy tips me upside down.”

We used sticky glue, paper and cupcake cases to create a special badge for Dad to wear on the day.

We hope that all of our lovely Dads have a great day.

We have enjoyed show and tell this week and we are growing in confidence as we stand in front of the group to show off our special treasures.

“Is it my turn?”

“Can I show my doggy now?”

"This is very soft and it sleeps in my bed."

We have role played being Doctors, Fire fighters and Police officers this week and have talked a lot about the people who can help us. The children have shown their OUTSTANDING imaginations and have surprised us with their knowledge of the emergency services.

“When I get big I would like to be a paramedic.”

We spent most of the week on weather watch.

Joshua checked with his Alexa each morning and let the children know about the forecast for the day.

“Its highs of 14 and lows of 9 with a chance of showers.”

One day it was sunny and the next day we had a thunder storm. We didn’t know if we should wear wet weathers or shorts!!

We listened to the thunder rumbling in the sky and looked for lightening from the window.

On Friday the children made some pastry shapes.

They rolled out the dough using rolling pins and used letter shaped cutters … …I wonder what word we can spell?

If you hadn’t already guessed we have some very excited news to share with you.

On Friday 24th May we had a very important visitor called Ben.

Ben is an Ofsted Inspector and he came to have a look at our nursery.

He had been reading the blog posts on our website and was excited to come to The Acorns to have a look around and to meet the children and staff.

Ben had to write a special report to tell everyone what he thought about The Acorns and here are some quotes from the report which was published earlier this week.

“The owner, manager and staff build superb relationships with all children.”

“Children flourish and feel completely at home in the nursery.”

“Children have limitless opportunities to explore, investigate and experience new things.”

“All children are exceptionally confident, inquisitive and eager learners.”

“Staff are superb role models and children behave fantastically well.”

Ben awarded us OUTSTANDING !

We are absolutely delighted and are all so very proud to be part of The Acorns team.

Thank you for sending in your wonderful testimonials for Inspector Ben to read and for supporting us in all that we do.

It’s not just our OUTSTANDING grade - It’s yours too!!

We have spent all week trying to take the perfect photograph to show the world the outcome of our inspection but it’s not the easiest thing to do …. Trying to get all of the children to look at the camera, smile, wave, cheer and wear funny hats is not as easy as we thought. Someone is always picking their nose or sticking a cheeky little tongue out.

Today (after roughly 15 attempts) we managed to capture this photograph and we are so pleased with it !!

We have many out-takes to share with you later.

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