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Week beginning 6th May - Westmeston

We have been busy making and creating this week. We used pegs and sheets to make dens on Tuesday. We worked hard and had to be resilient to make the pegs and sheets stay where we wanted them. Pinching the pegs onto the rope was good for our fine motor skills and we had to really concentrate. We also discovered that it was fun to put pegs on Mrs Spencer's and Mrs Tubb's jumpers!

We were pleased with our finished den and played lots of imaginary games in it.

We used our creative skills in the hall as well. We used junk modelling and sticks to make some creations. We really enjoyed cutting the string and it was great to practise using scissors.

Some of us chose to paint and created pictures of our family members. It was fun to mix the paint to make different colours.

Our traditional tale this week has been The Elves and the Shoemaker. Inspired by the elves' stitching, we used ribbon to weave through our play blocks.

The string was also used as a tightrope. Look at our great balancing!

Our letter of the week was U and 'umbrella' was one of the words we thought of that starts with 'u'.

Well we could have certainly done with an umbrella at some points this week! Our Thursday walk was very showery, but when it rains, you get puddles - which we love!

We noticed how some creatures love the damp weather. Look at this friendly snail we found!

The bluebells also benefited from a bit of rain this week. They are looking really beautiful in the Westmeston garden.

The sun certainly shone for us on Friday though. We enjoyed a wonderful walk up the mountain.

We were surprised to be joined by some sheep in our play area. The farmers were moving them into a different field. They weren't very keen to join in our games though as they ran straight past us!

Some of us had fun making a potion in a water trough. We made sure we took all of our sticks and leaves out when we finished, in case the sheep wanted to drink from it.

This week we have been thinking about communication and listening. We used cups and string to make our own telephones. We were able to talk to each other through them, but we had to listen carefully.

We had lots of fun in the garden and used our imagination brilliantly. These children are pretending to be a family of farmers clearing out their hay barn!

What a busy day; some of us needed a lie down!

Just a reminder that it is our Open Day this Sunday at 10:30am at our Lindfield setting. Everyone is welcome to join us.

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