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Week commencing 22nd April 2019 - Lindfield.

Welcome back.

We hope you had had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the break.

This week we have spent lots of time outside in our lovely garden. The flowers are bright and colourful and the beautiful wisteria is in full bloom.

We have been busy doing a ‘Spring Clean’ of our toys and equipment. The children helped us to clean the see-saws, using bubbly water and cloths.

When Miss Reay went in to our play house on Tuesday morning to conduct our daily risk assessment she found something very interesting. A wasps nest was beginning to form inside and a few wasps were buzzing around. We have had to keep the house shut this week sadly but the nest has now been removed and hopefully the wasps will find somewhere new to live so we can play safely again next week.

We talked a lot about bugs, bees and wasps. We even made our own mini beasts to take home. Have a look at these!!

We searched for mini beasts outside and even found some dinosaurs !!

We enjoyed playing in the water tray this week and used cups and funnels to pour the water between containers. The children enjoyed splashing each other playfully – and the teachers got wet too!!

We enjoyed mark making outdoors this week and used chalks to draw and write on the giant chalk board. We then used paintbrushes dipped in water to wipe off our marks.

We had fun making cakes and pies in the mud kitchen – although there is not much mud to be found. We used leaves, petals and twigs instead.

We are becoming able climbers and we practised the climbing wall that leads to the adventure area. (Pirate Ship)

We collected bark and twigs from the garden and transported them around the garden in buckets and containers.

We had fun using the large community playthings blocks, we worked together as a team to make a course to follow. We had to walk slowly and use our arms to help us balance at first but we soon got the hang of it.

We played with the parachute and enjoyed rings games in the garden too. Some of our parents watched us from the window for a while as we played.

We had fun indoors too this week. Box modelling, drawing, painting, making sticky collage pictures.

We had picnics, built train tracks, did puzzles and read lots of stories

Lochie brought in a book to share. It was called ‘The Ugly Five.’ It was about animals who thought they were ugly. We talked about how the animals might feel and how we should focus on the good things. The animals were kind, they looked after their babies well and they were friendly to each other. Mrs Franks talked to us about compliments.

At carpet time we gave each other compliments and realised that when a friend gave us a compliment it made us feel nice in our tummies and made us feel special.

“You have very nice hair.”

“You are very good at puzzles and I like your coat.”

“You are a good friend.”

“You are wearing good nice socks and I like your yellow hair.”

It has been a great week and we have had lots of fun as you can see from the photos.

We look forward to more Acorns Adventures next week. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

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