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Week beginning 18th March - Westmeston

The week started quietly with only three children in on Monday. Sam, Harry and Noah had great fun being creative on the mark making table, making cheese straws and walking to the woods.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we enjoyed lots of outdoor fun in the mild weather. We searched for bugs and made the most of some of the outdoor equipment.

Thursday was another busy day. We acted out this week's story of the Gingerbread Man.

We investigated different ways of playing musical instruments. Mrs Tubb decided to let us play them outside so that we could make as much noise as we wanted...which was a lot! We noticed which instruments you had to shake and which you had to hit to make a noise. We were also very good at following Mrs Tubb's signals for playing loudly and quietly.

After lunch, we went on a walk where we looked closely at insects living in the trees. We also spent time watching a tractor on the cricket pitch.

Our mark making table was very popular on Friday with lots of different pens, pencils and even rulers and hole punchers being used.

Following our Gingerbread Man story this week, we made some delicious gingerbread people of our own. We weighed out the ingredients and mixed them to make a dough. We cut out gingerbread people and decorated them with raisins. We had them for pudding after our lunch and they were delicious.

Mrs Butcher led us on an exciting walk over lots of stiles. It was fun climbing over them and some of us even managed to squeeze through the dog gates!

We had to make sure that we stayed on the footpaths as we walked through the fields but it was great fun to see some countryside around Acorns that we hadn't seen before. And what a surprise! We made a friend: a beautiful, calm horse that we named Black Beauty. She was so soft and smooth and the teachers were very pleased with how gentle we were with her.

What a fun and interesting week we all had. We missed Mrs Booth so much as she was poorly for a lot of the week - we can't wait to see her again next week. A big thank you to Mrs Butcher and Mrs Irwin for coming to help look after us. Don't forget our Easter church visit on Tuesday. We'll be leaving Acorns Westmeston at 10am. Children who don't normally come to Acorns on Tuesdays are very welcome to join us accompanied by an adult.

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