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Week Beginning 11th February 2019 - Westmeston

This week we were sad to say goodbye to Miss Vincent, but we made sure that her last week was a good one!

On Monday we enjoyed exploring the grounds of nursery and noticing the signs. We played on our bikes and even made a dinosaur out of sticks and leaves.

The weather might have been better this week, but in true Acorns Westmeston style, we still managed to find some muddy puddles to play in on Tuesday.

We worked together as a team to transport mud and fill a cooking pot to make some delicious 'chocolate milk'.

On Wednesday, we were Nature Explorers on our walk in the sunshine. There were lots of interesting things to look at such as sticks, spring flowers, pieces of bark and fungus. The teachers helped us to remember what is safe to pick up in our hands and what we should leave to look at with our eyes, such as toadstools.

Thursday was Valentine's Day and we celebrated by making cards for our loved ones and playing with a fantastic light rope.

Outside, we made a 'love potion' from shaving foam and all sorts of herbs and spices - it certainly smelt good and was very messy!

During circle time, we looked at colours and shapes with the help of Matilda's puzzle.

Friday was Miss Vincent's last day, and even though we were so sad to say goodbye, we made sure that we celebrated all the wonderful times that we have had with her at Acorns.

The morning started by making our own pizzas. We helped Mrs Booth to mix the dough and then flattened out our own piece into a pizza shape which we topped with delicious ingredients. We even discovered that flour is a fun way to practise our mark making.

The sun was shining on our walk up the mountain and we even got too warm! We could't believe the hills were covered in snow just two weeks ago!

When we returned to Acorns, Mrs Booth showed us how to start a fire by using a fire steel to make a spark. It was really tricky and we had to be resilient. We ate our yummy pizzas whilst sitting around the fire and enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows for pudding.


Miss Vincent got a bit emotional when we sang her a special goodbye song and gave her a card and present. Mrs Booth even made her a wonderful walking staff with lots of useful items attached to it. We will miss you Miss Vincent - you're one of a kind!

We hope you all have a great half term holiday. We will see you all on Monday 25th February.

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