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Week commencing 11th February 2019 - Lindfield.

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day.

On Monday the children came in to find colouring sheets on the table that had lots of different sized hearts shapes printed on them.

The children really enjoyed this activity. They traced over the hearts and talked about the different sizes.

“That one is the biggest.”

“This heart is for Mummy, this heart is for Daddy.”

We had fun in the garden, riding on the bikes and scooters.

We made some yummy mud cakes in the mud kitchen. We added some mud flour, mud eggs, mud sugar and some mud chocolate to the mix. Tasty!

Ada brought back Felix the bear. He had spent the weekend at her house. Felix had a wonderful time visiting the museum with Ada and particularly enjoyed his train ride into London.

He has now gone home to Freddie’s house for the half term holiday. We are excited to see what adventures he gets up to.

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. She brought back our models from the last session. The have been fired in her kiln which is a very hot oven.

We listened carefully to Jane’s instructions and used our hands as tools to mould the clay into the shapes we needed to make our little owls.

Jane gave us all little pots of paint and we painted our models carefully.

We got sticky at the craft table making valentines cards. We talked about all the people and the things that we love the most.

We enjoyed some juicy melon after lunch and were surprised to see how many seeds were inside.

On Wednesday we continued to make our cards and we also did some heart shaped printing using cookie cutters.

Harriet came in with her decorated wellies! They looked AMAZING. Well Done Harriet!

In the Garden we rode on bikes and had lots of fun on the climbing wall.

We sailed far far away on the pirate ship and practised balancing on the low wall.

We have found lots of snow drops growing in the garden.

“These are Water drops.”

"Is it nearly spring time now?"

Some of the children have been learning about growth and decay as a next step and together we kept a close eye on an apple that we have left out to rot. Each day the skin was getting a bit more wrinkled and it was turning brown. We wonder what it will look like after half term!!

On Thursday we continued with heart printing and card making.

We asked the children about who and what they love the most.

“Chips and Mummy.”

“Chips and Mummy and Daddy and my sister and my teachers.”

“Chips and Ketchup”

“Sausage and chips and my family and my friends and my teachers and my bike and the train set.”

We also did some box modelling. We love making things out of junk!

We made cars, rockets, dinosaurs, a playground …. The possibilities are endless.

Do you ever do any box modelling at home? We would love to hear about it.

On Friday we were super busy helping out in the kitchen. We all made our own hear shaped Pizza for lunch.

We carefully measured out the ingredients, rubbed together the flour and butter before adding milk to our special scone based pizza dough recipe.

We chose which toppings to put on and watched the clock as we counted down until lunch time. YUMMY !!

Happy Half-Term Everyone.

We hope you have a lovely week and look forward to seeing you on Monday 25th February.

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