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Week Commencing 14th January 2019 - Lindfield.

This week we focused on making relationships.

We gave the children lots of opportunities to play games that promoted sharing, turn taking and team work.

Thank you to those of you that brought in games and puzzles for the children to share.

We enjoyed board games, floor puzzles and building gigantic train tracks that stretched around the entire room!

We used a pyrography pen to make necklaces. We wrote our names and drew a picture onto the wood and then Mrs Franks traced over our drawings with us. The pen gets very hot and we had to be super careful. They look great and we were so pleased with them.

Our traditional story is The Little Red Hen. We read the book each day and the children began to understand why the little red hen didn’t want to share the bread with her friends at the end.

“She didn’t share because her friends were not helping.”

“Were they too busy to help?”

“The hen is going to eat all the bread because her friends were not being kind to her.”

We made some Little Red Hen pictures with Miss Reay using handprints. We really enjoyed this activity and wondered what other animals we could make using handprints. Watch this space!!

We made some bread, just like in the story. In small groups we measured out the ingredients with Miss Scovell. We took turns to mix the ingredients to make the dough and then to knead the dough before rolling it into shapes.

We worked together as a team and when the bread was baking we were excited to watch it rise through the door in the oven (from a safe distance, obviously.)

The Little Red Hen wasn’t the only book we enjoyed …

We have played a wonderful game during our carpet times with Mrs Franks. She has a box that is full of interesting and amazing things. The game helps us to focus and listen and is great for when we need to have a bit of quiet time. We love to sing the box song. Ask us about it and we might sing it for you at home?

It has been Fire Drill week so each day we have practised what we would do in the event of a real fire or emergency at The Acorns. When we hear the alarm, we listen carefully to our teachers and they will tell us where we are to go to. Sometimes we go out the door in the lounge, sometimes the kitchen or hallway. The teachers count the children and call out our names and we reply with a loud “YES.”

Next week – Communication and Language.

Pottery Session on Tuesday - Please remember your aprons.

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