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Week Beginning 7th January 2019 - Westmeston

Happy New Year and welcome back everybody. We have had such a busy week. We have made new friends, welcomed visitors and best of all, we have a new grown up to play with - Mrs Tubb who is Sam's mummy. Sam has been very good at sharing her!

We have talked about Christmas and it was so lovely to hear that stories of seeing various family members featured heavily in memories rather than presents received!

It was lovely to see the effort made to wear our uniform.

Let's keep it up. We have quite a lot of second hand uniform available if any one needs any more for the last few terms.

We had a role play vets surgery which encouraged lots of nurturing and fixing of animals. On Friday, some of us used something called Modroc to make real plaster casts on the animals.

Although the weather has been dull most days and pretty chilly, we have wrapped up warm and played outside.

Miss Vincent did an excellent job of sorting the shed out which meant that we got to play with toys and equipment that we had forgotten all about. We actually lost Miss Vincent at one point. Can you spot her?

The best bit of the week has to be Friday's walk up the mountain. Some of us climbed as high as the sky. We saw a rabbit, a kestrel and lots of sheep as well as lots of poo! We had a snack overlooking fields

and woods. The sky was huge! We used binoculars and telescopes to look at the views which took a little while to get the hang of. We didn't need binoculars to see chalk and lots of little plants that are starting to grow like stinging nettles. We are learning that there are some things that we need to be careful of.

There were lots of opportunities to climb up slippery slopes and run, slide and even somersault down again. We climbed through brambles and low branches and generally had a great time.

Finally, it was great to see that so many of us are able to change our clothes, ride bikes without stabilisers and do wees on the potty now. Everyone seems to have become so much more independent over the holidays! Thank you to parents and carers too of course for making this happen!

Conker Sheep is back from his long break and has gone home with Sammy T. We can't wait to hear all about it!

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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