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Week commencing 26th November 2018 - Lindfield.

This week has been super busy!

We have enjoyed making our calendars for next year. We used an ink pad and printed with our hands and some star shaped stamps. We talked about the months in the year and we know that Christmas is in December.

Mrs Tubb practised our Christmas songs with us. She was very impressed and said we were all fabulous singers.

Daniel (The Gardener) was working hard outside, sweeping and collecting leaves.

We like chatting to Daniel and enjoy asking him lots of questions about what he is doing and what tools he is using.

We celebrated Alice’s 4th birthday with some cakes she had brought in from home.

Alice blew the candles out and made a birthday wish!

In the afternoon we made some hand printed Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

On Tuesday we played board games in the kitchen, the shopping list game was our favourite. We really enjoyed playing it in small groups.

We made beautiful shiny paper chains – the children soon got the hang of how to do it for themselves.

We will hang them up around the Nursery and take some to Westmeston on the concert days.

We played throw and catch in the garden. We all made a circle and Miss Scovell threw the ball to each of us and we got to throw it back to her or to a friend.

Bradley found some herbs in the garden and we taught him that by rubbing the leaves gently in his hands that he would be able to smell the herb on his fingers.

We have noticed the flowers are dying in the garden. The weather is getting colder.

"They will grow again in the spring time."

We made some more Rudolph hand prints.

"That tickles my hand."

"Will it get washed off?"

On Wednesday we all helped to decorate a giant Christmas tree for the door. We used stickers and glued foam shapes on to it. It looks amazing! It is almost as tall as us. The children talked about their Christmas trees at home.

Some of the children will go to the garden centre or to the forest to choose a tree and other children said their tree is in a box in the loft or under the bed!

When will you put your tree up?

Please take a photo to share with us at The Acorns.

We finished making our Christmas cards and are excited to take them home.

On Thursday we enjoyed time in the garden. It was a wet day so we needed our welly boots and coats. We found some puddles to splash in, sailed away on the pirate ship and made amazing mud cakes in the mud kitchen.

We celebrated Joshua’s 4th birthday, we all joined in to sing to him after lunch.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along for our parents evening on Thursday. It was great to chat to you all and share information about how your child is progressing. Please remember that you are always welcome to take your child's observation book home to look at. We value your opinions and are always keen to share information.

On Friday we had lots of fun building amazing towers using the soft blocks.

We used the big tweezers to move and sort sparkly pom poms into colour sets.

A great activity that will help strengthen those fine motor movements to aid writing skills.

We also drew some beautiful pictures using pencils.

We made our own pizzas for lunch, selecting which toppings we would like to put on.

The children love being involved in preparing lunches and snacks.

Do you encourage them to help out at home ? We would love to hear about it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Next week is concert week!

Have you got your tickets?

Do you have your costumes ready?

Please refer to the recent email for details and speak to Mrs Franks if you have any questions.

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