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Week commencing 5th November 2019 - Lindfield.

As soon as the children arrived on Monday they started to get involved in making colourful sparklers.

They used double sided sticky tape and strips of paper to make beautiful fireworks.

We all went for a walk into the village to see the Guy Fawkes which was ready for the Lindfield Bonfire Night. He was soo tall and had a funny face.

“It looks like a giant.”

“He will get on the fire later.”

“I’m having a sparkler at my house later.”

We put some money into the bucket as a donation towards the fireworks, many of the children said they would be going to see the display.

On our walk we also visited the duck pond where we counted 15 ducks.

Miss Reay told us the difference between the boys and girls.

We saw something interesting growing at the side of the lane, we plan to ask Mrs Booth to look in her special book to tell us about what they are.

We walked past the allotments and saw people working on their vegetable patches. There didn’t appear to be many things growing. We think that they were clearing them for the winter time and covering any winter vegetables to keep the frost from getting to them.

We did spot a few pumpkins though!

We also saw a very tall tree - It was so tall that we wondered if it was touching the clouds!

On Tuesday we made some beautiful poppy pictures, printing with an apple and our fingers.

We have been learning why people are wearing poppies.

“My daddy has a poppy on his jumper.”

“We wear them to help us remember people who did the war.”

“So we can think of the people who were there one hundred years ago.”

“Before I was borned people did get hurt.”

Mrs Irwin wrote a poem for us and we listened to it at carpet time each day.

We decorated a copy of the poem with finger print poppies.

It was a wet and windy day on Wednesday. We spoke a lot about the weather and how much it is changing. We know that we need to wear different clothes now – welly boots, hats and wet weathers instead of sunhats and shorts.

We made some amazing models with play dough, pressing in little sticks and buttons into the dough. Leah-Rose made these models – she worked very hard on them. We think they are wonderful.

We watched a squirrel from the window, talking about what they like to eat and where they live. Did you know that a squirrel’s home is called a Drey. Squirrels build their drey with twigs, moss, feathers, bark and leaves.

Mrs Franks took a photo using the zoom on the camera. We enjoyed looking at the pictures. We talked about how the zoom works to magnify the picture and we got some binoculars out to use too.

We know that squirrels like to eat nuts and acorns. We also read that they love to feast on pumpkins.

Miss Scovell took our pumpkins to the woods near her house. We hope they enjoy them!

Mabel questioned why our nursery was called The Acorns.

“Squirrels don’t eat our nursery Mrs Franks so why is it called Acorns?”

On Thursday we made pizzas for lunch. The recipe we used was for a scone type base.

We rubbed together flour and margarine.

We then added in some milk to make a dough.

We took turns using the rolling pin to roll out the dough thinly.

We then got to add our toppings – tomato sauce, cheese, peppers and some children chose to put some ham onto theirs.

The children were so proud of their pizzas and it really encouraged them to eat well at lunch time having played a role in making the pizzas. We had lots of empty plates and are already planning what we might put on them next time.

We played number games with conkers, matching the number cards to amount of conkers. Great counting and number recognition everyone.

On Friday we enjoyed drawing, painting, building towers, reading stories and role play.

We spent a long time setting up the doll’s house. We carefully chose where to put the furniture and decided which dolls to use.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week. Please remember to comment on our post.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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