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Week commencing 15th October - Westmeston

We have had yet another beautifully mild week. We are starting off with coats, wet weathers and wellies and ending up in short sleeves and trainers.

Miss Vincent made a spider web on a tree. We had to find spiders with numbers on to peg on to the web. Some of us had to think really hard about the numbers and we had to work out how to squeeze the pegs so that they opened. Great finger gym!

The on and off windy and rainy weather has blown down many sticks out of the trees. Some are big and some are small. They are great to play with and we are learning how to play carefully with them. It is so easy to accidentally hit one of our friends if we are not paying attention.

Sticks are also really great for trying to reach things in trees or seeing how high we can stretch.

We made pirate hats which we wore later on in the day to listen to a scary pirate story.

We went hunting for treasure in the leaves and found gold coins!

There were numbers to find in the sand.

Miss Reay from Lindfield came to play with us on Wednesday afternoon and we showed her where we like to go for a walk.

On Friday, Mrs Franks came over. We played games and sang many songs.

We are very lucky to have such fun grown ups to play with!

During the week we found a large beetle in the car park and we wondered what it was called. We carefully scooped it up into a cup because we didn't know if it would sting us and we didn't want to hurt it. We looked in a book and found out that it was a Great Diving Beetle. We looked at the colour and the patterns to make sure. Then we let it go. We talked about the fact that we can look on the internet and in books to find out information.

We have been playing in the woods exercising all of our muscles by climbing, hanging, swinging, stretching and balancing.

We found some beautiful leaves that were the colours of rainbows. The trees no longer need the green chlorophyll to make food so all of the other colours are now showing.

Mabel's mummy sent some marshmallows in on Friday for us to have round the fire. They were huge and very yummy. Thank you Mabel's mummy!

We were very relaxed on Friday afternoon as we had our lunch round the fire and some of had a little snooze. Later on we made ghosts out of white material. We chose whether we wanted to have a big head (pine cone) or a little head (conker). We then hung our ghosts on sticks and played with them.

The singing and games with Mrs Franks rounded off the week perfectly! Thank you very much!

We hope that you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you all again for our spooky Halloween week!

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