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Week Beginning 21st May - Westmeston

It's finally half term! Time to rest and recharge before the last six weeks leading up to the summer holidays where we will be saying goodbye and good luck to our friends who are leaving for school.

Through the week we have been looking at the story of Handa's Surprise. We looked at and sampled the fruit (apart from the papaya as we couldn't find one anywhere) to see what it looked like, smelled like and tasted like. We talked about the animals. We used instruments and dance to act out their different characteristics. It got very noisy at times! We discussed the story, enjoying the friendship between Handa and Akeyo.

The countryside is looking very beautiful and lush and there are always new things to discover. Olive noticed the prickly needles on a pine tree and we wondered why some trees had prickly needles and others had soft leaves. Playing under a sycamore tree we noticed the seeds beginning to form and we pretended to be seeds swirling and twirling in the air.

On one of our walks we met a lady with two dogs. She gave us permission to stroke them. Our teachers made sure that it was safe to do so. The dogs were very soft and warm and one of them wanted to have his tummy tickled! We made sure that we were gentle. We understand that we mustn't stroke every dog that we see and that we must wait until a grown up says that it is safe to do so because not all dogs are friendly. Sammy noticed the sharp teeth!

Friday's children potted on their sunflowers ready to take home and we measured how high they were with a ruler. I wonder how tall they will grown? We have been talking a lot about seeds, roots and shoots.

The daisies and buttercups are drying very nicely in the flower presses. We need to remember that we must only pick flowers with permission and for a purpose!

Up on the mountain we looked closely at the amazing

views. Miss Vincent showed us some watercolour paintings and she encouraged us to look at the colours and shades of our surroundings so that we could create our own paintings. It was a very relaxing experience. We will be able to take them home to show you when they have dried.

Conker Sheep now has a new yellow carrying case as he outgrew his old one. He has gone home with Zoe for half term. We hope that you have a lovely time and look forward to seeing you soon!

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you for the lovely reviews received this week for our Ofsted inspection. We were truly touched. It was a very interesting day which included a poorly child (we hope that you feel better now) and a fault in the fire alarm system which sent us all outside into the pouring rain mid inspection! Thank you!

Happy half term everyone!

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