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Week commencing 16th April 2018 - Lindfield.

Welcome to the Summer Term.

We have lots of exciting things planned for the term ahead.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

We have certainly enjoyed hearing about your adventures.

It sounds like the Easter Bunny was very busy!

On Monday a group of children enjoyed a walk, they were going to go to the nature reserve to look for tadpoles but a lot of the children didn’t have wellies with them so they decided to go to the park instead where the ground would be dry. They had lots of fun!

The children used a stethoscope to listen to the trees; if you listen very carefully you can sometimes hear the sap inside the tree.

Edith said "It sounds like my tummy is rumbling."

They found a willow tree and Mrs Booth told the children about the tree fairies and the children went on to make their own tiny fairy using pipe cleaners, wool and wooden beads.

Even although the weather is sunny and dry - the nature reserves tends to still be muddy so please remember to bring in wellies for the Monday walk.

The children who stayed at The Acorns enjoyed some time in the garden. They noticed that things have been changing in the garden, the plum tree and apple tree have little buds growing, the grass is getting long and the rhubarb is growing too.

We are looking forward to doing lots of planting this term and watching our vegetables grow. In the afternoon we spent lots of time in the garden, what a beautiful day!

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane …. The children rolled the clay out and then patted it flat. They made a green field with a baby lamb. We can’t wait to see what they will look like when Jane brings them back from being fired in the kiln.

It was a beautiful sunny day again so we all enjoyed time outside in the garden.

Daniel our gardener was there and we asked him lots of questions.

He cut the grass and potted up some flowers. Mrs Irwin has lots of flowers in her garden and we are trying hard to be able to name them.

On Wednesday we enjoyed building with stickle bricks, playing with cars, cutting and sticking to make wonderful pictures and listening to stories. Edward brought in his favourite book - ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ which we enjoyed reading together.

Again, it was a beautiful day so we spent lots of time outdoors. We played ball games on the grass, made dens under the pirate ship and cooked a delicious meal in the mud kitchen. Glorious!

Each day there will a basket at the door for you to put your child’s named sun hat into, along with named sun creams and lotions.

We ask you to apply lotion in the morning and we will re-apply later in the day. We encourage the children to rub in their own cream when possible.

Thursday was a VERY hot day. We played in the garden, tried hard to stay in the shade and enjoyed chalking and mark making with water on the slabs.

Freya and Vida had brought in their big Nursery School book which we all looked at together. They are so special and we all enjoyed looking through them and hearing the girls tell us the pictures.

On Friday we made sticky pictures and dressed up as people who help us.

We also enjoyed more time in the garden, searching for bugs and mini beasts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine!

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