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Week commencing 15th January 2018 - Lindfield.

We have enjoyed lots of fun activities and experiences this week.

Our letter of the week is ‘Bb’ and we have been thinking about words that begin with the letter each day.

Banana, Boat, Bird, Belly, Beach, Builder, Brown, Bush, Broken, Beans … Can you think of any other words at home?

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. We used our hands to mould the clay into Dragon shapes & we added spikes and wings before painting them carefully. Jane has taken them away to put them into her kiln and will bring them back soon. We are so excited to see them.

On Wednesday some of the children went out for a walk.

The sun was shining brightly but it was very chilly so they had to wrap up warm. They visited the play park at Pickers Green and had fun using the swings, roundabouts and slide.

The children are learning about road safety and they have amazing listening skills whilst out walking. The all hold the magic rope until they arrive safely at the park. Well Done Everyone!

The children who stayed at The Acorns helped to make some delicious Australian Banana Bread.

They peeled the bananas, cracked the eggs, weighed the flour and sugar and creamed the butter.

Excellent team work!

Our traditional story this week is The Little Red Hen so this activity was a great way of recalling the story together.

On Thursday we dressed up as Police Officers, Doctors, Fire Fighters and Dentists.

We did some building with a mega building set.

“It’s a batman cave hide out.”

“You need tools to fix it.”

“Wow – This is so cool.”

We made some beautiful pictures using paint dabbers and we practised writing our names.

On Friday we spent the morning in the garden. We made mud pies and travelled to a secret island on the pirate ship, searching for buried treasure. We had to be very careful because there were crocodiles and sharks in the sea!

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

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