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Week Beginning 15th January - Westmeston

With signs of Spring all around us we have been making the most of the good weather and bracing ourselves against the bad. We have warmed ourselves up with pretend fires and cooked pancakes on real fires.

We flew a kite on Tuesday, it was so windy! It gave us plenty of exercise as we ran and ran to get it up into the air!

We loved using the mini explorer bags that Miss Vincent made for us containing binoculars, maps and clipboards. We saw lots of things to note down as we explored.

We have been looking at birds and talking about how important it is to look after them. Maybe we can see some in our gardens. We always try to remember to leave some bird seed in the woods when we have finished playing.

We have been mark making in various ways. We practise our letter formation in shaving foam and mud as well with pens and pencils on paper. Mrs Hilton helped us find the letters of our name on the laptop.

We churned our own butter and spread it onto our toast for snack. It went from white to yellow. It was yummy! We really love to prepare our own food and it helps us to understand where it comes from and how it is made.

While we have been out we have had to been negotiate the biggest and deepest puddles that we have ever seen! We have been helping each other across them and splashing each other! The woods have provided quite an obstacle course for us!

Miss Vincent brought in her electric sewing machine

and showed us how the pedal on the floor worked the needle to sew a line. It was so interesting. We all had a little turn and we hope to use it again next week!

On Friday we made dream catchers with willow and wool. We tied on coloured leaf skeletons and feathers.

There was much excitement at the end of the walk on Friday when we found lots of conkers with little roots growing under the conker trees. Florence had already found one weeks before and had been nurturing it carefully in a see through beaker. Florence brought it in to show us this week and we were excited to see that it had a shoot as well as a root!

We hope that your week was as brilliant as ours and we look forward to seeing you next week!

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