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Week commencing 13th November 2017.

On Monday we enjoyed lots of time in the garden – it was a cold, chilly day but we wrapped up in our warm coats and boots. All of the leaves are falling from the trees and we had lots of fun using brooms and dustpans to collect them into a big tub. The leaves were dry and crunchy.

“It’s Autumn now and next it will be Winter and then it will be Spring and then it will be Summer and then the flowers will grow.”

We had some special books to look at while we were in the garden. They were all about plants, wildlife and weather. We have been learning that we can find out lots of new things from books - they give us information and facts.

Miss Whale helped us with a science experiment using skittles (sweets.) We placed different coloured skittles on a plate and then added water. We watched carefully as the colours mixed together and changed.

“All the colour is coming out, it’s gone white.”

"Red and yellow make orange.”

In child-minding time, when it was dark we played outside with torches and glow sticks. We had so much fun. We used the torches to light our path as we walked around. We enjoyed shining the torches up high into the trees. The garden was full of giggles and joy.

On Tuesday we did some baking with Mrs Davies.

We looked at a recipe book to see what ingredients we needed. The recipe book told us what we needed to do to make the cakes.

We had to weigh out flour, butter and sugar with the scales.

We cracked some eggs and did lots of mixing.

When our cakes were in the oven we then helped to prepare lunch. We made home-made garlic bread to have alongside our pasta. We worked well as a team to make sure all of the bread got spread with the garlic butter and then we put it onto the tray ready to go into the oven.

“It smells delicious.”

“I love garlic bread the most.”

"We make banana bread at home, we use bananas."

We even helped to dry the dishes afterwards!

On Wednesday we spent lots of time reading story books that children had brought in to share. Supertato was a firm favourite!

We know that the person who writes a book is called an Author and we are learning that the person who draws the pictures in a book is called an Illustrator. That’s a very tricky word!

We spent time in the garden, did puzzles, played with play dough, drew pictures, made collages and much more.

On Thursday we enjoyed making marks in the salt tray. We found our name tags and copied the letters. This is a fun activity you can do at home – just use a baking tray and enough salt to cover the base. Easy! You’re ready to create wonderful pictures and words.

We have started to prepare for our Christmas concerts and have been practising our songs. There are copies of the CD available in both settings if you would like to purchase one. They are £10.

On Friday we made musical instruments with Mrs Davies. We filled containers and pots with pasta, seeds and rice.

Some children made shakers and others chose to make drums.

We had such fun exploring the sounds our instruments could make. We formed a band and all played our instruments together.

Whilst in the garden we noticed something very strange – in the middle of our vegetable patch was our pumpkin. It’s been outside since Halloween and we have been looking at it each day and talking about the changes. Well – today we were in for a big surprise!

“It’s all squidgy.”

“It’s gone white.”

“I think it’s a bit broken.”

Understanding about growth and decay is an important part of our learning. The pumpkin has proved to be very interesting and we have enjoyed watching it as it begins to rot.

Another fun filled busy week at The Acorns. We hope you have enjoyed our blog this week and we look forward to your comments.

Remember that its Parent’s night on Thursday 23rd Nov - It is not too late to book your consultation time.

Tickets for the Christmas Concert will be on sale from Monday.

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