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Week Beginning 6th November 2017 - Westmeston

We hope that you had a lovely time at bonfire and fireworks celebrations over the weekend. We loved hearing about all of your stories and experiences!

This week we have been talking how we feel and how our actions may affect others. This led us nicely to us talking about Remembrance Day and why people are wearing poppies. We listened to a poem about poppies that was written a very long time ago called “In Flanders Fields” by John McRae which sparked many interesting conversations about people that we used to know.

Our sound of the week was S for slithering snakes and skulls. We had the opportunity to examine a real deer skull with antlers. The bones were cold and hard. This prompted us to try and draw skulls but some of us wanted to draw submarines instead of course! Lots of mark making opportunities there.

With remnants of Halloween all around us we decided to

put them to good use. Wilbur and Jemima led a “Room on the Broom” experiment where they saw how many friends you can actually fit on a broom. Top number was probably four!

We used our fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination to screw screws into a pumpkin although some of us preferred a stabbing movement. Closely supervised of course!

We enjoyed looking at a book about how we are all different but all the same. We talked about different skin colours and families.

We explored rice with plastic eggs with Miss Vincent enjoying the feel and sound as we scooped and poured. We even learned a few numbers.

We listened to different versions of the story of Cinderella this week and tried on different shoes ourselves. Some of the shoes were big and our feet were small. What happens in a real shoe shop? How do we know if a shoe is going to fit us? Are our shoes on the right feet? So many things to think about!

We made yummy banana and raisin muffins with Mrs Hilton using no sugar! They were so sweet and delicious. At the end of

the week we made bread twists which did contain sugar, they were also yummy and sweet, topped off with Mrs Irwin’s homemade bramble jelly! We cooked the muffins in bun cases in the oven and cooked the bread twists on hazel sticks on the fire. As we stripped the leaves off of the sticks we noticed buds which contain the leaves ready for Spring. Outside we have been noticing the different shapes and textures of the leaves and we think that we may remember what hazel and sycamore look like.

We have walked along the drive noticing that the ground feels very different under our feet now. It is springy and wet with lots of holes. Some of us with smaller legs are finding it a little hard to run – it’s a good job that the ground is so soft that we are cushioned when we topple over! The walk up the mountain on Friday was rather different. We didn’t go very high as

we all decided we wanted to run up and down a gully! Such energy! We found different ways to get up and down such as crawling, rolling and going head first! We didn't want to go back to the Hall afterwards but we all rather enjoyed sliding on the path as we did head back down. We found that it’s hard to keep upright when you are laughing!

We have really enjoyed playing outside this week with mud and sticks. What else could a child possibly ask for?

Conker Sheep has had a lovely time at Poppy's house and is now spending some time with Cooper. I'm sure you will have lots of fun Conker Sheep, make sure you tell us all about your latest adventure.

Thank you so much for putting our names in our shoes, coats, wet weathers and slippers. We try really hard to put our things back in our bags but even with help things sometimes go astray. Please check to make sure that you haven't got an extra pair of wet weather trousers or shoes and if you have please return them. Thank you!

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