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Week commencing 16th October 2017 - Lindfield.

On Monday morning a group of children went out for a lovely walk. It was a warm and dry day. They walked through the village to the park. On the way they came across a big pile of leaves.

We know that in Autumn the leaves fall from the trees and that they dry out, change colour and become crunchy. We had so much fun throwing the leaves around and burying our legs in them.

The children who stayed at The Acorns had fun in the garden. They rode on bikes, climbed on the climbing frame and balanced on the wobble boards.

We were all fascinated by the weather. It was warm but quite windy and the sky kept changing colour. The sun was bright orange but the clouds were dark grey. It got very dark and we watched as the orange sun disappeared behind the clouds.

“Is it nearly bed time?” “Why is the sun orange?” “Are we having a storm? My mummy said we are.”

"Is it a star in the sky?"

On Tuesday we were busy printing with Halloween sponges.

We made some hanging bats to add to our Halloween display – we think it’s really funny that bats sleep upside down.

“Bats come out at night time. I saw’d one when we were on holiday.”

On Wednesday we made some witch/wizard hats. We used Halloween sponges to print shapes on our paper and then Miss Reay helped us to roll the paper into cone shapes.

We made a huge tower with the giant octo – it went all the way up to the ceiling!

All week we have been using measuring tapes to measure things. We measured ourselves, each other, our towers, the table, our feet … everything!

"My arms are the same number."

We played with green spaghetti – it felt slimy and wriggly. We also found some scary things hidden inside it.

"It feels like worms."

"Can we eat it?"

"It is very slippy slimy."

We have been working hard to recognise numbers and shapes. Can you help us at home?

On Thursday we did puzzles, looked at posters, played with number and shapes beanbags, number games and did lots of counting.

We saw a squirrel in the garden and watched it for a while as it jumped from branch to branch. “Where does it live?” “Squirrels like to eat nuts.”

On Friday we had fun dressing up. We dressed as pirates, doctors, knights and princesses.

We enjoyed mark making with pencils and crayons and free collage with shiny papers and stickers.

We have had a fabulous week.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

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