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Week commencing 18th September - Lindfield.

This week our focus has been Communication and Language – Listening and Attention.

On Monday a group of children went out for a lovely long walk,they listened carefully to instructions as they walked safely holding the rope.

Whilst on the walk they listened carefully to the sounds of the world around them and recorded what they heard.

Cars, ducks, water fountain, a lorry reversing, cash register in the bakery.

When they got back to The Acorns they listened carefully to the sounds and tried to remember what they were.

“Its us, stomping.” “Ducks.” “It’s crunching.”

They found a blackberry bush that still had some lovely ripe berries on it, they picked a few to have with their snack - the berries tasted sweet and yummy!

“Mind the thorn bush” somebody said.

The children who stayed at The Acorns had fun in the garden; they practised their climbing on the pirate ship and climbing frame and enjoyed learning how to use the new swing.

In the afternoon Miss Whale did a craft activity – leaf rubbing. She had collected some leaves and the children used their favourite coloured crayons to make rubbings on paper. The children tried to identify which tree their leaves came from. Hunter said “This leaf is from an apple tree.”

We all enjoyed some more time in the garden in the afternoon – the weather was kind and we mostly managed to avoid the drizzly rain.

We played some ball games in the garden and the children had to listen carefully for their name to be called so they knew when it was their turn to catch the ball.

On Tuesday we had lots of fun in the garden. We watched Dan the gardener as he did some work and we helped to weed the garden. We enjoyed collecting magic beans from the runner beans and some children took them home to plant in their own gardens. We wonder if they will grow into a giant beanstalk.

"There will be a castle and a princess but no giant."

On Wednesday the children played lots of board games and had to listen carefully to the instructions and rules. They especially enjoyed a shopping list game where they had to fill up their baskets.

On Thursday Freya and Vida and Freddy brought us in some goodies. Freya had grown some grapes in her garden which we enjoyed at snack time and Freddy brought us in some vegetables for our harvest display. Annabel also brought in some apples from the tree in her garden.

Next week we plan to do some printing with them.

Our letter of the week is ‘L’ and we have had fun searching for things that begin with that letter.

On Friday we made some Lemon fairy cakes and some delicious Lemon biscuits. The children listened carefully to the instructions and followed the recipe. The best part was cracking the eggs!

Next week our focus will be Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

Our letter of the week will be ‘M’

Please remember that there is a parent's night for all new parents on Thursday evening at Lindfield at 8pm.

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