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Week Commencing 11th September 2017

This week our focus was on PSED, Managing Feelings and Behaviour. Some of us who have just started are learning about the rules that we have to follow on our walks so that we can keep safe.

Miss Edwards had a scary surprise on Monday as she discovered a Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle in the football game! We helped her to set it free.

We have been doing lots of sharing and taking turns. We have been singing nursery rhymes as well as silly songs that we have made up!

Miss Vincent had some lovely currant buns for us to sing with. We have been playing with the Three Little Pigs and enjoying nursery rhymes containing spiders such as Incy Wincy and Little Miss Mufffet.

We made flap jack on Monday with Mrs Butcher and on Wednesday we made spiders out of icing and cookies – yum!

We sat on a bench out in the garden and practised our writing with Mrs Hilton. We have been looking up different types of spiders in books.

We have helped to wash the toys in warm soapy water.

On a very windy but sunny walk we collected many more conkers that a stormy night had brought down from the trees. It was still windy so we made parachutes. We drilled holes in the conkers and attached squares from

recycled carrier bags. We then threw them up in the air and watched them gently glide down to earth.

Conkers featured heavily in other activities too. We were so interested in spiders that we made some out of conkers by drilling holes for string and sticking tooth picks in the sides for legs. It didn’t matter if we didn’t want to make spiders, we used our imagination to make necklaces and happy faces! Have you been collecting conkers? They are so beautiful and shiny!

We made webs out of wool inside the hall. We did enjoy running around with the wool and some of us got tangled up. We now know what a fly feels like when it gets caught in a web. Later on, out on a walk we found many spiders webs with leaves sticking to them. Later in the day we made our own sticky web to catch flies with! Have you seen many spiders?

We have been excited to hear about Conker Sheep’s adventures. We are all waiting patiently for our turn to take him home with us!

Next week we will be focussing on Communication and Language – Listening and Attention. Please bring in your favourite books (named of course!) and stories to share. Our letter of the week will be Jj.

We look forward to seeing you all.

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