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Week commencing 15th May 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we focused on Understanding the World – People and Communities.

We offered many opportunities for the children to talk about the people who are special to them.

We have explored occupations through role play, puzzles and books and have talked about the places in the world that the children have visited.

On Monday a group of children went out walking, they walked past the Doctors surgery and waved to the receptionist.

They saw a van that was delivering groceries to local houses. The children talked about what they thought might be in the van.

“Sausages.” “Toilet roll.” “Cucumbers and chicken.”

We had a teacher from Lindfield Primary come to visit us in the afternoon, she asked lots of questions about the children who are going to the school in September and is excited to meet them when they go to visit soon.

On Tuesday we had some work men upstairs working on the telephone lines, we watched with interest as they brought in cable and tools from their van. Mrs Irwin said that the internet should have a stronger connection now.

We enjoyed time in the garden, searching for mini beasts. We found snails and slugs, centipedes and wiggly worms. We looked at them through magnifying glasses and talked about what environment they like to live in and what they eat.

We planted sunflower seeds and watered the plants and flowers that are growing in our digging spot.

Daniel, our gardener found something amazing in the play house. It was the beginnings of a wasps nest. He took it down from the ceiling and brought it in to show us. It’s amazing! It feels like very thin and delicate paper. Miss Cheyne opened it up carefully so we could see inside.

What shapes can you see?

Our teachers will have to check the play house each morning to make sure there are no other nests in there before we can go in to play.

On Wednesday we had a 2 special visitors from Cuckfield Dental Practice, they came to talk to us about how to keep our gums and teeth healthy. We learned all about sugar bugs and how they can make your teeth rot. We used a giant tooth brush to clean Leo the lions teeth. We got to try on masks and gloves and the ladies brought in a popcorn maker and made us a yummy snack. We got to take a bag full of treasures home too.

On Thursday we enjoyed lots of role play, we dressed as Fire fighters, Police officers, Doctors and Nurses. We used cardboard boxes as ships, fire engines and ambulances. Our imaginations are amazing.

We read stories about teachers, farmers, dentists and train drivers.

"When I get to be big I am going to be a tractor driver."

Some children went for a walk, they walked through the village and looked in all of the shops windows. They could identify some of the shops and showed curiosity whilst looking through the windows. “That shop sells kitchens.”

The children particularly enjoyed looking in the bakery window at all the yummy things and of course, the toy shop window!

They saw a postal worker in a red mail van, a bit like Postman Pats. He was delivering letters and parcels.

On Friday, we got crafty at the big table, we used glue sticks to attach collage materials to our paper. The pictures are beautiful, bright and colourful.

We had fun in the lounge with big boxes and dinosaurs. We can name so many dinosaurs.

“It’s a T.Rex."

“This is a stegosaurus.”

"I can make a dinosaur land."

It has been a busy week - we have had lots of fun exploring and learning.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Next week we will be focussing on Mathematics – Shapes, Space and Measure.

The letter of the week will be ‘Dd’

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