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Week commencing 18th November - Westmeston

Our focus for this week has been 'health and self care' and so we have been practising how to keep ourselves clean. We drew germs on teeth then had fun brushing them clean with a toothbrush.

We learnt the importance of washing our hands as well. Mrs Tubb used green paint to be the pretend germs on her hand then shook hands with us! It showed us how germs can spread and why it is important to wash our hands before we eat and after we go to the toilet. We learnt a new song that helped us to remember to wash our hands all over.

On Friday we tried a healthy new fruit called persimmon. Many of us hadn't tried it before and thought it was delicious.

Banana bread was on the menu as well, which we made ourselves. We mashed some bananas and mixed it with the other cake ingredients. We ate it for our tea whilst it was still warm. Wonderful!

The birds ate well this week too. We made some bird feeders using coconut oil or lard mixed together with seeds and crushed up bread sticks. We squished it all into yogurt pots with string attached so that we can hang them up for the hungry birds in our gardens.

Our book this week was Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. We loved reading about his adventures and enjoyed finding sticks outside which we could make into our own stick people.

The autumn leaves have been fun to play in this week. Simply running and jumping into big piles of them has been one of our favourite activities, or throwing them into the air to make leaf rain.

We have also enjoyed tree climbing, building houses and playing in the many muddy puddles.

It may not be December yet, but we have been busy creating some artwork for our Christmas concert. There was lots of paint and glitter involved! It definitely got us all in the festive mood.

Tickets are now on sale for the Christmas concert which is on Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th of December. We are busy practising the songs at Westmeston and any extra practise that could be done at home would be greatly appreciated.

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