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Week commencing 23rd September 2019 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our blog and by the look of the weather this week, welcome to Autumn!

On Monday one of the children brought in a box full of goodies for our harvest display.

In the box there were lots of wonderful things for us to look at, apples, a gem squash, some herbs, tomatoes and grapes …

We enjoyed talking about them and taking turns to hold them.

It was really interesting to see if the children knew what they were.

Only one child was able to name a parsnip, 2 children could identify a butternut squash and nobody knew that tomatoes grow on a vine.

We spent lots of time in the garden as it was a sunny afternoon. We pulled all of the toys out from the play house and spread them over the lawn. We made a little camp!

We had a very odd lunch … The teachers called it a big breakfast which we thought was hilarious.

“You can’t have cereal at lunch time, it’s for breakfast!”

The children enjoyed choosing their cereal and then went on to have bacon, eggs, beans and toast.

In the afternoon Miss Reay did an experiment with the children to see if we could tie dye using a natural dye – beetroot!

The children choose their material and scrunched it up, twisted it and with a little help, put rubber bands around it.

It didn’t quite go to plan … the colour wasn’t as vivid as Miss Reay had hoped, but we had fun anyway and decided to try again another day.

Miss Reay is going to do some more research and we will try again tomorrow.

On Tuesday we used one of the apples from the harvest display to do some printing.

We put half of the apple in red paint and the other half in green.

Our prints are on display in the nursery, please pop in to have a look.

We tried tie dying again, this time using blackberries – take a look at the results!!

We had fun in the garden – name writing with chalks on the big black board.

We love to practise our name writing skills.

Do you practise at home?

We played in the house, mud kitchen and on the pirate ship.

On Wednesday we tried tie dying again, this time using onion skins.

We peeled the skins from the onions and put them in water to boil. The water went a pale yellow colour and we noticed the colour get darker the longer they cooked.

… WOW !!

We would love to make some t-shirts – please bring in a named white cotton tee shirt for your child.

It was a soggy morning but in the afternoon the sun came out and we went searching for bugs … look what we found!

Dalia and Harriet brought some things in for our harvest display – we had fun trying to name them all.

We ate the apricots, plums and grapes from the harvest box after lunch. YUMMY!

On Thursday we had fun baking muffins. We used apples from the Harvest box. We think they needed a bit more air as they were more like rock cakes but we will try again tomorrow.

They still tasted nice and we were excited to take them home.

We have learned an important lesson this week - that sometimes things don’t work out quite as planned and you have to keep on trying - never give up.

We celebrated another birthday on Thursday too.

The birthday girl brought in a cake to share with her friends and some treats too. Happy Birthday!

On Friday we tried a different recipe for apple muffins and they were more successful.

We also did some more printing – this time with beetroot.

We dipped the beetroot into paint and printed onto our paper.

Look at our amazing pictures!

We dressed up, made camps, built gigantic train tracks and tall towers. We read stories and drew pictures too !!

It’s been a brilliant week and we all had such fun.

What was your child’s favourite thing this week at The Acorns?

We would love to hear about it.

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