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Week beginning 25th March - Westmeston

Well it's been another busy week at Westmeston. We are so thankful that the sun shone for all of our exciting activities.

During the week we had all sorts of fun outside. We listened to trees to see if we could hear the sap rising inside.

We used chalk and paintbrushes to make lots of patterns and drawings on our large blackboard and pieces of paper.

We may have gotten a little bit messy!

With the dry weather, it has been possible to have our books outside. We have really enjoyed sitting and reading in the fresh air.

There was lots of fun to be had indoors as well. We got our hands mucky in the sensory tray and played Martha's brilliant spelling game.

We have been lucky enough to spend time with some special people in our community this week and thank you to all of the grown ups who helped us on our trips.

On Tuesday, we had a wonderful Easter visit to Westmeston Church. Gary made us feel very welcome. We hunted for Easter eggs in the church garden and then searched for chicks in the church.

Gary told us a story all about Easter and then we had a very special treat - we were all allowed to have a go at ringing the church bells.

There was another special event on Thursday as many of our children joined in with a tennis lesson at Plumpton Tennis Club. We had to listen very carefully to instructions and take turns in the games. It was really fun to have a go at hitting the ball.

The sun was really shining for our Friday adventure day. For one of our craft activities, we investigated using pipettes to dot paint and mix colours.

We created these fantastic blotchy paintings.

Our other activity was using feathers and ink to draw - like old fashioned quills.

Our walk up the mountain was so warm, we all had to take our coats off! We spent some time looking at the view and spotting interesting things. We discovered that we have much better eyesight than Mrs Booth!

We also played a fun smelling game whilst we were out and about. Mrs Booth gave us all a smelly substance to rub on our hands. There was lavender, rosemary, lemon, spring onion, mint and hand lotion. We then had to smell each other's hands to find our matching partner. It was quite tricky but helped us to understand how animals use their sense of smell to recognise each other.

When we got back to the hall, the weather was so glorious that we were able to eat our lunch outside.

We've also celebrated two birthdays this week. Happy birthday to these birthday girls...

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday for Mrs Booth's final week!

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