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Week beginning March 11th - Westmeston

Throughout the week, we enjoyed making a mess with our foam and water tray. It was fun to role play with polar animals. It smelt nice as well!

Mrs Irwin came to help look after us on Tuesday, whilst Mrs Tubb was on her First Aid course. We helped Mrs Irwin to make a delicious bread and butter pudding. We spread the bread with butter and cut off the crusts. We added some sweet raisins and baked it. Yum!

All week, we have been using lots of different craft materials for a variety of projects. We used wool to make poms poms...

....paint to make colourful masterpieces.....

... and pipecleaners, beads and thread to make stick people and necklaces.

On Thursday we enjoyed a lovely lunch of jacket potatoes and different fillings. We then had a surprise for pudding - a red orange called a blood orange. It was juicy and delicious.

Of course we had lots of outdoor fun, despite the weather....

As part of our listening focus this week, we have been using Mrs Booth's bird book to learn about different bird song. On Friday, we learnt what a Great Tit sounds like. We thought it sounded like a squeaky door. We decided to listen out for one on our walk and, amazingly, we heard one even before we left the Westmeston site!

Our Friday walk took us down the lane where we found lots of red catkins. Mrs Booth told us that they were male Poplar catkins. We thought they looked like furry caterpillars!

We enjoyed a snack of a biscuit and some hot chocolate whilst sitting on a fallen log.

We found some excellent squelchy puddles to wade through. We learnt that if we don't keep our feet moving in thick mud, our welly boots get stuck and left behind when we move!

What a fun, messy week we have had! We'll see you next week for more!

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