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Week commencing 4th March 2019 - Lindfield.

What a wonderful week !

We have had so many things to celebrate this week at The Acorns, it’s been jam packed!

We started the week with a very cool discovery in the garden.

A large bumble bee in our digging spot that was either poorly or injured. It was moving very slowly and we watched it crawl around.

We made some sugar water and we put some onto a spoon for the bee. It climbed up onto the spoon and splashed around in the water for a while before crawling off again. We checked on it later in the day and it had flown away.

We think it might have been very tired and needed some energy.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day!

In small groups we took turns to make up some batter using flour, eggs and milk.

We used a whisk to mix it all together until all the lumps had disappeared and tiny bubbles were forming.

We ate pancakes for lunch – savoury and sweet.

It was interesting to see which children knew the difference.

“I like chocolate spread on my pancakes.”

“Lemon and sugar is my best pancake.”

In child minding time Lochie helped to clear up after tea. What a brilliant helper.

On Wednesday we braved the rain showers and played in the garden. We hid in the pirate ship, covered by the branches of the trees to keep us dry.

The rain got heavier so we put our hoods up and went in search of muddy puddles.

We had fun with the picnic set and enjoyed an indoor picnic with lots of yummy food. We made cups of tea for the teachers.

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day.

Some of the children chose to dress up for the day, others brought in their favourites stories to share.

We read lots of wonderful books.

We each got the opportunity to make our very own book – take a look at some of these creations!

We also had a very special visitor – Joshua came to visit us to let us know how he is getting on at big school. It was wonderful to see him and we were all very excited. He was dressed up for World Book Day too.

We have an open door at The Acorns and we love for children to come back to visit us when they have moved on to big school.

On Friday it was International Women’s day.

We spoke about all of the women who are important to us.

“When I grow up I won’t be a woman, I will just be a girl.”

“Is a lady a woman?”

“My mummy is a woman.”

Have a great weekend everyone. See you next week.

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