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Week Beginning 4th March - Westmeston

We have been busy making and creating this week at Westmeston. Throughout the week, our outdoor building blocks have been very popular. We used teamwork, turn taking and creativity to make a variety of things : a balance trail....

a kitchen... a tower....

and a boat.

On Tuesday we made some new playdoh to play with. We chose a nice bright orange colour.

We were amazed how a few ingredients could make such a wonderfully squishy material and we enjoyed making models with it during the week.

Of course we ate plenty of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They were delicious with some lemon juice and a drizzle of syrup - although some of us just had the syrup!

Mrs Booth and Mrs Tubb has a contest to see who could flip a pancake the highest. Who do you think won?

Some children had a go at flipping their own playdoh pancakes on Thursday.

And of course we had plenty of time outside climbing trees, riding our scooters and bikes and exploring.

On Friday we used paint and stencils to make wings.

Some of us wore our wings on our walk up on the Downs. It was quite windy, but luckily we didn't take off!

We noticed some interesting things on our walk, such as this jelly ear fungus.

We were reminded not to touch fungus with our fingers but we can very gently prod it with a stick to see what texture it is.

In the afternoon, Mrs Booth showed us Hapa Zome, which is a way to create amazing leaf prints on cloth. It was fun using hammers and mallets to bash the leaves under the cloth.

Another busy week at Westmeston. Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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