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Week beginning 25th February 2019 - Westmeston

We really noticed spring arriving this week with warm sunshine and new flowers appearing in our Acorns Westmeston garden.

This week, we have been looking closely at objects around us with all sorts of special equipment, including our eyes. Inside, we used microscopes, glasses and torches to inspect items up close.

We also investigated what shape footprints our model dinosaurs made.

Outside, we used magnifying glasses and cameras to look more closely at the wonderful nature around us. We are very lucky to have so many beautiful spring flowers growing all over our site.

We spoke about how to be kind to the flowers and trees and we were reminded not to pick them.

We had a busy day on Friday. Inspired by the flowers outside, we made paper primroses using our sticking and drawing skills.

We also made necklaces by threading special beads onto a string using a darning needle.

This was great for our fine motor skills and even our maths as we counted the beads onto our string. We were amazed to see the beads change colour in the sunlight outside!

We had a wonderful walk through the woods where we saw evidence of rabbits and badgers. We then had great fun being woodland creatures of our own.

Look closely, can you guess who we are?

As usual, we got very muddy. But we did try to clean ourselves off a bit....we promise!

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