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Week commencing 19th November 2018 - Lindfield.

This week we have been getting into the festive spirit.

On Monday we started to make our Christmas cards and decorations.

We did some amazing writing inside our cards and will take them home nearer the end of term.

We think the children may already be getting quite excited as energy levels were through the roof!

At circle time we chatted about the Acorns uniform - We have noticed recently that many of the children are choosing not to wear the uniform in favour of sparkly tops and character t-shirts. We ask you to encourage your child to wear the Acorns uniform as it sets them in good habits for when they go to school and stops any comparisons which can lead to upset. Thank You.

Whilst in the garden the children helped to sweep the leaves and to collect them into piles. Mrs Irwin told us how to make compost from the leaves and we are going to try to make some here at The Acorns.

We did some writing practise. We are working so hard on being able to hold the pencil correctly.

Do you practise at home?

On Tuesday we continued with our cards and Christmas crafts. We are making decorations that will hang up around the hall at Westmeston during our concert.

We spent time in the garden and enjoyed throwing the dry leaves up in the air. We had to wash our hands when we came back inside as some of the leaves were muddy.

Did you know that we have a special song to sing whilst we are washing our hands?

The song teaches us how to wash our hands properly to help get rid of germs. Ask us and we may sing it for you. Its starts with the words, “Top and bottom, Top and bottom ….”

On Wednesday we all took turns to help Mrs Irwin with a very special threading job, we listened carefully to instructions and had to concentrate hard.

On Thursday we built a giant train track that stretched from the hall into the kitchen.

We made more cards and decorations.

The children started to talk about how many sleeps it is until Father Christmas visits and are excited to start their advent calendars.

It was very chilly outside in the garden. We were glad to have hats and gloves to wear.

Each day we have been practising our Christmas songs for the Christmas concert. The children are working really hard to learn the songs. We hope that you have been learning them at home too.

Please remember to buy your concert tickets. They are on sale at both Lindfield and Westmeston for £5.00, everyone welcome.

On Friday we set up a play shop and encouraged the children to buy healthy foods. We talked a lot about how food is fuel for the body and that it is important to make healthy food choices.

The children enjoyed their lunch - Jacket potatoes with a choice of toppings.

Please remember to submit your menu ideas for next term.

We are always happy to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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