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Week commencing 8th October - Westmeston

One more week left to go before half term!

We have been exploring up the mountain and in the woods. The landscape is slowly changing from green into soft browns, yellows and bright oranges. It has also been feeling so mild. We start off with coats and then have to take them off.

On Tuesday we took hoops with us on a walk and made pictures within the frames. The hoops

helped us to concentrate our ideas. Some of us just wanted to play with the hoops!

The spiders have also made some beautiful


art and we love finding their sparkling webs on the fences, hedges and even in the grass. We mustn't stick our fingers in them or they will break and the spiders have taken a long time to make their webs so that they can catch insects to eat.

On Wednesday we had a invasion of lady birds. They were flying everywhere in the beautiful warm sunshine. Some of them landed on our hands which gave us a good view of how their little wings worked as they flew off again. It was not so good if they got caught in our hair!

Mrs Irwin helped us to make yummy jammy puffs with her holiday fun jam which we ate for

pudding and we also got to take one home!

Thursday wasn't quite so sunny but it was still warm enough to be without coats. We had stories in the garden and played hide and seek behind the trees.

Friday was bright and sunny. We collected leaves on our walk to the woods. We found lime, sycamore and ash and looked at how different they all are. We thought the lime leaves looked like hearts. When we reached the woods we gathered up the leaves in to a huge pile. We used branches as brooms and gathered them in our arms. Florence coordinated the hardworking team. We learned about patience as the little ones wanted to plough through the piles. We also learned about kindness, tolerance and understanding! When the pile was big enough we all jumped! Such fun!

We left some seeds for the birds that may have been scared away as we had been pretty noisy which some of us scattered and some of us arranged beautifully!

We made popcorn on the fire. It was really interesting to see how the little hard yellow pieces of corn turned into fluffy white popcorn with the heat. Some of the popcorn popped out of the pan!

We ended off the week playing with the huge parachute. The wind helped it to go really high and we all ran underneath. We had to look out for out friends to make sure that nobody got bumped when the parachute collapsed.

It has been such a lovely week. We are looking forward to doing it all again next week!

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