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Week commencing 1st October 2018 - Lindfield.

A brand new month with lots of exciting things planned!

We started the week with a very special visitor.

Mrs Davies came to see us. She has flown all the way back from Australia to spend a week with her family and couldn’t possibly visit the UK without popping in to see us at The Acorns. It was so lovely to see her and it was a big surprise for both the children and their parents.

We went for a lovely walk to a house in the village that we call ‘The Conker house.’

We visit the house each year and collect the fallen conkers into bags. The people who own the house allow us to go into the garden and take as many conkers as we can carry back to The Acorns.

Some of the conkers were still snug in their cases and some even had little visitors inside.

Can you spot them in this picture?

Mrs Booth wrote numbers and letters on the conkers and we enjoyed playing with them, counting them, sorting them into piles and even painting with them.

They are so smooth and shiny!

On Tuesday we each put a piece of paper into a tray, chose some colours and put a little of each colour onto the paper before adding conkers into the tray and rolling.

The pictures are amazing and we have put them up on the doors for everyone to admire.

Some children used just one conker, some counted in more.

“I need 3 conkers, cause I am Three.” “Can I put one hundred conkers in?” “The colours are mixing.” “My picture looks like a puddle now.”

We have been learning about people who help us this week and have enjoyed dressing up as Doctors, Fire fighters and Nurses.

On Wednesday we set up a Doctor Surgery for the children to visit.

Mrs Irwin shared something very special with us on Thursday – She had been to the fishmongers and had brought back some fresh trout.

We looked carefully at the fish, feeling the scales and fins.

We looked inside its mouth and even touched its eyeballs!

We talked about where the fish came from and learned that some fish live in the sea, some in rivers and some live in lakes.

We thought that the trout had maybe come from the Aquarium in Brighton!

We enjoyed lots of time outside this week. The mud kitchen is getting muddier each day!

The leaves are falling and we have enjoyed crunching them with our hands.

We noticed lots of cobwebs around, the morning dew highlighting them and making them easier for us to see. We spotted lots of spiders too!

We also found other bugs in the garden. We love to search for mini beasts under the pots.

Alexa found a woodlouse and Phoebe found a slug.

Felix the bear has gone home with Joshua, we look forward to seeing what he has been up to on his return.

It has been a wonderful week.

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