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Week commencing 17th September 2018 - Lindfield.

This week we have been extremely busy getting all of our projects ready for the Lindfield Arts Festival.

We looked carefully at the trees in the garden and noticed the bark on the trunks.

We thought we might try to create bark on our tree so we dunked some string into sticky glue and stuck it on to our cardboard tree, we then painted the tree using sponges and brown paint.

We waited for the first side to dry before turning it over and doing the other side.

We then painted some bronze sparkly paint on top.

It was then time to stick on the hand prints - we asked Mums and Dads to help too.

The tree looks fabulous and we have delivered it to the church ready for you all to go and see on Saturday. Let us know what you think and thank you for your hand prints.

Our Scarecrow, Acorns Archie is now in the front garden ready for everyone to see.

Thank you for all of your suggestions of names. We had lots to choose from.

He looks very smart with his Acorns uniform on.

Joshua kindly brought us in a scarf from home for him to wear so he wouldn't feel cold.

The children have all worked so hard over the last few weeks to create both the scarecrow and the tree. It has taught us about being part of the local community and has allowed us to be creative and to get MESSY!!

Maybe this will inspire you to make a scarecrow at home for your garden?

We have made many things this week, Jelly, Sausage cakes (mini toad in the holes) and homemade pizza.

To make the pizza we worked as a team to weigh out the ingredients needed.

We used our hands to combine the flour and the butter and then used a wooden spoon to help mix in the milk.

We rolled out the dough using a big heavy rolling pin.

We then spread on some of Mrs Irwin's famous homemade pizza sauce before sprinkling them with cheese.

Miss Reay put them into the oven and we waited eagerly for them to be ready.

They look amazing and tasted great.

Well done team!

This week we spent lots of time in the garden, we played on the pirate ship, in the play house, the mud kitchen and we even practised our forward rolls.

Can you spot anyone in this picture ?

We talked about growth and decay and the signs of the new season. The leaves are falling thick and fast!

Some of our plants aren't looking their best either - look what Phoebe found ....

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and we look forward to your comments.

Enjoy the Arts Festival and be sure to look out for our tree and Acorn Archie on your travels.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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